Larp Rules Library

The rules define how you interact with a larp. There are almost as many sets of rules as there are larps. We all get used to the rules in the larps we play. In this section, our aim is to look beyond what we commonly know to take a larger view. Different countries and larp communities all have their own take from this subject. There is something to learn from all of them.  That is why we have

A library of larp rulebooks

We collect information about the rulebooks in use and publish it here. It’s a library of what is going on all around the world. Please dive in an take a look. We are always looking to learn more. If you want to point out something we should be listing; then please fill out the form on this link.


Rules Discussions

We periodically publish ideas and discussions about different aspects of ruling on things in larp. You’ll find these here. Often this takes a single idea and explores it. Sometimes these ideas come from the LARPbook team. Sometimes from readers or listeners. No matter what the source we try and look at it in more detail. You’ll find these here.


The Forest Argent Larp Rules

What is Forest Argent? I'd call it a very non-traditional fantasy larp. There are medieval elements, but also other things. The Forest connects worlds and times. It's possible to encounter knights or strange elves. Also, steampunk strangeness and a world of...

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Send us your rules

We’d love to include the rules or design document for your larp in LARPBook. All you have to do is click on the button and complete a simple forrm
Elf Maiden at Curious Pastimes

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