We’re stepping away from Fantasy larp with this one. The Quota is set in a version of the UK that is a couple of years ahead of its original run. It’s a grown up game that focuses on the plight of refugees.   It’s rules reflect this. They are very tough on the player. By that I mean that combat is dangerous to the character. More so the physical possession and well being of the character are all at risk. Your characters possessions are stealable. Confiscation can happen. In the rules there are no complex methods for combat. The rules here are simple and clear. The accent is on role-play.   What you will find in the rules document is an outline of the games premise and a lot of detailed help. There are guides for every aspect of the game. It is a very practical guide to being the larp. The emphasis is understanding your terrible situation. There are also a small number of meta techniques. These allow the players to edit play as scenes progress. Reading them I can see that these should work in non destructive way. Maintaining immersion whilst sustaining player needs.   One last thing. The creators of this larp do not call this a rule book. It is a design document. That is very appropriate. It lays out the design behind how the larp will play.  

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There is a video about The Quota. I’ll leave it here for you.


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