LARP Rules, Sources and Scenarios

LARP Rules, Sources and Scenarios

Our hope when looking for larp rulebooks to share was that we’d find a diverse range of things to show you.

What we did not expect was to uncover treasure troves

This is exactly what has happened.

Larpages – 

Is a UK directory of all things larped. I’ved used them doing research before. Yet had never thought to look for rules.

It turns out that they have a list of rules that dates back over 20 years and it is an absolute find. Here is the link that you need

Please also remember that they are also looking for rules and other information. If you have anything to add to this list please send it to them.

Alexandria – 

Is a Danish site that also collates information about all things larp. This one was completely new to me and again it is quite the resource.

The link I sent to us takes you to downloadable self contained scenarios. Though not rules systems they are a fascinating take on larp design. One that differs from the more standard UK model.

The link is

Next Steps

We’re still collating information. Please feel free to send us in information about rulebooks, systems and so on. We have a number lined up for future release; but always want more.

Want to know more about this project? This post is where it all started


The image used on this post is the Whydah Gold. Full information from Wiki Media

The Amtgard Larp Rules

The Amtgard Larp Rules

Amtgard Larp

Amtgard is a major fantasy boffer larp in the United States. It uses the common American convention of “chapters”. Which are clubs all playing by Amtgard rules. Allowing Amtgard to federate itself over a large area. Which it has done as it covers the US but also has some chapters further afield; such as continental Europe.

The Amtgard Larp Rule Books

Amtgard is large, developed and offers support for members. No surprise then that has it’s own library of books.

The link here not only gives access to the main rule book, but also supporting monster rules. Additionally there is support for chapters as well.

The Amtgard documents are here

Want to See Your Larps Rulebook featured ?

So Would we. Take a look at a the form on this post that describes our project to collate larp rules and we’ll be happy to add it.

Larp Rule Books

Larp Rule Books

Rulebooks, why do we need them?

Larp is a shared experience. It requires players to follow a shared understanding of how the world works. When something happens everyone needs to have the same understanding of its consequences.

All the players need to respond to an in game event the same way.

That’s why we have rules. They create a common framework for players. The job of rules is to communicate a common understanding of the larps world.

Variety in rule book complexity

You may think that if all larp rule books describe a world then they must all be pretty large and complex.

Only they are not. Rules range from those that will fit on one sheet of paper too those that are  heavyweight tomes. Some books are just guidelines for in game calls; some are simple meta techniques whilst others are massive.

This must mean that the need for complex rules is not evenly spread. For some reason some larps need almost no rules whilst others need loads.

At this point I could point out reasons for this. That might be interesting.

I have a better idea

Larp Rule Sharing

If we all share our rule books then we can all  see what other groups are doing.

What I am proposing is that LARPBook publishes either the rules themselves or links to the rules.

Creating a library of rulebooks that we can all look at and take some inspiration from.

After all if rules help us build worlds then they must also help us represent ideas.

So lets put these books into a library. Then we can all work with the ideas.

The LARPBook Rulebook  Library.

Please send us links to your rulebooks and whether you want LARPBook to offer a link or a download of these books and we will do the rest

This form will help us understand what you are sending. If you prefer you can also send us this information via our Facebook page.

Send Us Your Larp Rules


Please only complete this form if you have authorisation to share these details to us

Family Larp – The Conclusion

Family Larp – The Conclusion

A Family At Larp

Earlier on this year we took a family to a larp. The family concerned were the Pitts. We took them to Curious Pastimes – Renewal. It was the first time they’d been to a festival larp as a family.

We’ve already published a brief overview and a photograph gallery of their adventiures.

During the event we filmed their progress and also talked to them about how they felt about the event. You’ll find those videos collated in this post. First though a few thoughts

A Family Larp is…

I thought it might be an idea before we go further to define what a family larp is. It will help us figure things out later. In particular based on the family’s feelings did Curious Pastimes measure up as a family larp.

For me a family larp needs to

  • Be suitable for both children and adults to attend.
  • Have content for children and adults.

Family content – The Difficulty

Here’s where things get tricky. Writing a book, film, TV show, play etc that both children and adults can get something from is not easy. That said it is easier to do than writing a family larp.

In larp writing we have to consider physicality. The size and strength of our players.

We need to consider the psychological impact on something that is happening to them.

Adults and children are different in how a larp affects them,

Also children of different ages have different reactions. A 6 year old is very different from a 12 year old.

Why am I making these points

When you watch the videos or look at the photos it’s clear that Curious Pastimes is a family larp. It also doesn’t fully please our sample family.

Which means that there are opinions here to help writers of family larps. I also know that Curious Pastimes are looking at ways to offer a fuller family experience in the future.

Also that although making a family game is  a great aim. It shouldn’t be the only target. Something for everyone is generally not possible. As larpers we also need to understand and respect that.

I hope that means a future of larps for an increasing range of age and ineterst groups. While places that that cater for wider tastes or families also do well.

I am also sure that if we did this experiment again in the future we’d get a different result.

Why don’t I post a solution

Simply there’s not enough space in one post to do this. We have though been making childrens and family larp a quest for larpbook and I think you will see a future post where we take our findings and come up with more ideas.

For the moment, we have these tips.

The Videos

The Children’s LARP

Family Larp Interviews




Interview (the other one)




Introducing Katie Horner

Introducing Katie Horner

Katie – The new LARPBook team member

You may have noticed an upswing in our social media posting recently. This is down to new team member Katie Horner who has agreed to help out with LARPBook.

I thought it might be good to take a moment and introduce Katie.

First of all that’s her picture you can see at the top of this post.

You might also like to know that she is involved in a number of larps look at the end and you’ll find a list of these.

We asked Katie how she’s like to introduce herself and this is what she said

What Katie Said

I’d like to say I’ve been a lrper all my life, and love that I have. I’d like to say I am grateful to be part of Larpbook. I’m not really good at talking about myself haha.

As you can see she has a great sense of humour. Well what do you expect she is a larper

What Katie Plays

Curious Pastimes Renewal 2018 – The Family

Curious Pastimes Renewal 2018 – The Family

This year we did something a little different. We followed a family around Curious Pastimes. The idea was a simple one, be a fly on the wall to find out how a family gets on for their first time at a UK Fest Larp. In doing so we hoped to provide insight for other families hoping to try out larping.

In this first article we’re going to introduce you to our brave volunteers and give you an insight of what they got up to via photograph gallery.

Subsquently we’ll be releasing video interviews with them and also footage of their time in the game. You’ll be able to hear from the horses mouth as it were and also see for yourself.

Introducing the Pitt Family

You may well recognise Luke. He is one of the regular presenters of the LARPBook show and he pretty much volunteered his family for this adventure. For those of you who want a bit more detail they are

  • Luke (Aged 46 going on 12)
  • Bex (Officially not 44)
  • Charlie (Aged 9 and wants to fight everything)
  • Issy (Aged 11 and wants to get into everything)

Their Role in Renewal

In the event they each created a character at GOD, and decided that as a family they would joine the Wolves faction. This turned out to be a great idea as within 10 minutes of entering the Wolves camp they were talking to established players and starting to get involved. Thank you the Wolves for making the start of our little experiment so easy. Wolves members did this by the way with no prompting and only discovered themselves what was going on later.

About the Photos

These photographs are a picked to show the family, their chatacters, their reactions. We were looking for photos that help people see who they are and how they reacted to what was going on in the game. Some of the moodier pictures actually reflect emotional reactions from the larp itself. Which is awesome

Thank You to Curious Pastimes

Yes I’ll let you see the photos in a moment but first I want to say a big thank you to Curious Pastimes for letting us run with this idea. Especially to Emmylou and Kayleigh. Thank you!


The Photos

And Finally (AKA What Happens Next)

At risk of adding a spoiler to a future post I can say that a great time was had by all. They were also invited to Wolves Banquet. Being invited back is always a great sign of playing a great game.

Curious Pastimes Renewal 2018 Photographs

Curious Pastimes Renewal 2018 Photographs

Part 1

It’s part 1 as this is part 1 of our photograph and general coverage of this years Renewal event by Curious Pastimes. It’s part 1 because we wanted to do things a little differently. Mostly when we cover a larp there is a collection of photographs and videos. This time we set ourselves a goal. We wanted to document a family at a UK fest larp. Our thoughts on this were simple. Using fly on the wall techniques we wondered what it would be like to follow a family who have never larped as a family at an event.

This created a whole of material.

At this point of writing we are still working our way through all the material we’ve collected. At this point I can most definitely say that you will be getting some great photos; a insight into a childrens linear and some footage of the family talking that is both insightful and hilarious.

This Post Is Not About the Family

As I mentioned we are working on the family footage. This instead is a more of a traditional wandering camera’s eye view of Renewal 2018. It’s picture of other people and scenes at the event. It’s closer to one of our more traditional photo galleries.

Closer because this timne I’ve scattered more behind the scenes shots than I normally would. Although the larp in action style of photography is great, perhaps it is time to look behind the veil more often. So I think that starting with Renewal I’ll be looking to do more of this. Show the product and what happens to make it happen.

Thoughts on this years Renewal

I think this years game stood out on production standards. The physical build was immense this time around. A library complex, a senate building, pillars, statues. There were more items of architectural significance than I have seen in recent years. It felt as if someone just wanted to up the proudction standards. Of course games like this are not just about production standards. Its about the atmosphere and despite terrible weather on the Sunday I think Curious Pastimes pulled it off. The opening was original, and had everyone asking questions and wondering what was going on. This combined nicely with sets that had been built to create a fresh atmosphere.

So top marks on keeping the feeling of originality going.


I’d just like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone we talked to at the event. You were all marvellous. Pleas give yourselves a clap on the back and thank you.



The Gallery

Want to help LARPBook?

Just committing to $1 per month will us provide the LARPBook Service. Commit more and we not only grateful but we will put to good use covering and discussing LARP

Want a copy of photo. All the photos have a code in their title. Let us know the code of the photo you are interested in and we’ll send you a high resolution copy

Green Cloaks Event 4 2018 Photo Gallery

Green Cloaks Event 4 2018 Photo Gallery

I got lost on the way to Green Cloaks

Ok so I stupidly put the wrong information for Green Cloaks in my sat nav and ended up a few miles. Fortunately I called in and was given directions and a warm welcome. It was time for tent up and to go and see what was going.

The Friday Battle

Whilst I’m not going to give a blow by blow of the full game, it’s opening is something that stood out. Carefully following the monster team took me to an attack on a faction camp. So far so normal. Except that in the chaos an inflatable sofa from a neighbouring camp was kidnapped. That was my introduction to Green Cloaks. It’s a military larp for sure. You really get the feeling that the players are portraying members of armies. It’s a also a rollicking good Science Fiction yarn that lets players and monsters alike run their imaginations wild. It’s a great laugh.

What’s Green Cloaks all about

Set in the years following 6012 (so sometime in the future), humans living in a distant star cluster find themselves in a new era. Where human polictics and commerce mingles with the influence of alien races and a growing understanding of the Omega plane. A once legandary idea intersects reality and myth. It adds a magical element to green cloaks. The soldiers are recognisable as soldiers. Men and women in uniform trying to do the right thing.

In the Green Cloaks space travel is common. The action thought takes place where troops are deployed. It takes place on the ground. Ships just get to where you are going. This is not space ship focussed space opera. This is all about the people.

In fact if you want something to compare it too then think Warhammer 40K. Without the oversized power armour. You can also add direct comparisons to the colonial marines of Aliens and also films about World War 2. The whisper I heard is that Kellys Heroes was a strong influence.

How did I find Green Cloaks

I need to start by saying thank you to everyone. You were all incredibly welcoming and supportive. The game has a lot of focus on the faction camps. The military structure makes possible an easy issuing of tasks and roleplaying. There is a lot of role-playing that went on into the night. There is als plenty of Nerf action. Both in sudden skirmishes and larger scale battles. The final battle on the Sunday was fluid, tactical, fast and exciting. Oh and a lot of Nerf darts were fired. I heard that 10,000 rounds of ammo was sold to players onsite.

Roleplaying and action. Yes that is my bag.

Any Downsides

In the game. No. There is a growing facilities issue, in that parking in particular is getting tight. However I did hear of plans to correct that. Which means that things should only get bigger and better.

Would I go back to Green Cloaks

Absolutely, its too good a game not to go back to.

The Bumper Green Cloaks Photo Gallery

If you would like a full resolution copy of any of these photographs just let me know. The photograph title is a reference number you can refer to it with

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