Curious Pastimes Renewal 2018 – The Family

Curious Pastimes Renewal 2018 – The Family

This year we did something a little different. We followed a family around Curious Pastimes. The idea was a simple one, be a fly on the wall to find out how a family gets on for their first time at a UK Fest Larp. In doing so we hoped to provide insight for other families hoping to try out larping.

In this first article we’re going to introduce you to our brave volunteers and give you an insight of what they got up to via photograph gallery.

Subsquently we’ll be releasing video interviews with them and also footage of their time in the game. You’ll be able to hear from the horses mouth as it were and also see for yourself.

Introducing the Pitt Family

You may well recognise Luke. He is one of the regular presenters of the LARPBook show and he pretty much volunteered his family for this adventure. For those of you who want a bit more detail they are

  • Luke (Aged 46 going on 12)
  • Bex (Officially not 44)
  • Charlie (Aged 9 and wants to fight everything)
  • Issy (Aged 11 and wants to get into everything)

Their Role in Renewal

In the event they each created a character at GOD, and decided that as a family they would joine the Wolves faction. This turned out to be a great idea as within 10 minutes of entering the Wolves camp they were talking to established players and starting to get involved. Thank you the Wolves for making the start of our little experiment so easy. Wolves members did this by the way with no prompting and only discovered themselves what was going on later.

About the Photos

These photographs are a picked to show the family, their chatacters, their reactions. We were looking for photos that help people see who they are and how they reacted to what was going on in the game. Some of the moodier pictures actually reflect emotional reactions from the larp itself. Which is awesome

Thank You to Curious Pastimes

Yes I’ll let you see the photos in a moment but first I want to say a big thank you to Curious Pastimes for letting us run with this idea. Especially to Emmylou and Kayleigh. Thank you!


The Photos

And Finally (AKA What Happens Next)

At risk of adding a spoiler to a future post I can say that a great time was had by all. They were also invited to Wolves Banquet. Being invited back is always a great sign of playing a great game.

Curious Pastimes Renewal 2018 Photographs

Curious Pastimes Renewal 2018 Photographs

Part 1

It’s part 1 as this is part 1 of our photograph and general coverage of this years Renewal event by Curious Pastimes. It’s part 1 because we wanted to do things a little differently. Mostly when we cover a larp there is a collection of photographs and videos. This time we set ourselves a goal. We wanted to document a family at a UK fest larp. Our thoughts on this were simple. Using fly on the wall techniques we wondered what it would be like to follow a family who have never larped as a family at an event.

This created a whole of material.

At this point of writing we are still working our way through all the material we’ve collected. At this point I can most definitely say that you will be getting some great photos; a insight into a childrens linear and some footage of the family talking that is both insightful and hilarious.

This Post Is Not About the Family

As I mentioned we are working on the family footage. This instead is a more of a traditional wandering camera’s eye view of Renewal 2018. It’s picture of other people and scenes at the event. It’s closer to one of our more traditional photo galleries.

Closer because this timne I’ve scattered more behind the scenes shots than I normally would. Although the larp in action style of photography is great, perhaps it is time to look behind the veil more often. So I think that starting with Renewal I’ll be looking to do more of this. Show the product and what happens to make it happen.

Thoughts on this years Renewal

I think this years game stood out on production standards. The physical build was immense this time around. A library complex, a senate building, pillars, statues. There were more items of architectural significance than I have seen in recent years. It felt as if someone just wanted to up the proudction standards. Of course games like this are not just about production standards. Its about the atmosphere and despite terrible weather on the Sunday I think Curious Pastimes pulled it off. The opening was original, and had everyone asking questions and wondering what was going on. This combined nicely with sets that had been built to create a fresh atmosphere.

So top marks on keeping the feeling of originality going.


I’d just like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone we talked to at the event. You were all marvellous. Pleas give yourselves a clap on the back and thank you.



The Gallery

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Green Cloaks Event 4 2018 Photo Gallery

Green Cloaks Event 4 2018 Photo Gallery

I got lost on the way to Green Cloaks

Ok so I stupidly put the wrong information for Green Cloaks in my sat nav and ended up a few miles. Fortunately I called in and was given directions and a warm welcome. It was time for tent up and to go and see what was going.

The Friday Battle

Whilst I’m not going to give a blow by blow of the full game, it’s opening is something that stood out. Carefully following the monster team took me to an attack on a faction camp. So far so normal. Except that in the chaos an inflatable sofa from a neighbouring camp was kidnapped. That was my introduction to Green Cloaks. It’s a military larp for sure. You really get the feeling that the players are portraying members of armies. It’s a also a rollicking good Science Fiction yarn that lets players and monsters alike run their imaginations wild. It’s a great laugh.

What’s Green Cloaks all about

Set in the years following 6012 (so sometime in the future), humans living in a distant star cluster find themselves in a new era. Where human polictics and commerce mingles with the influence of alien races and a growing understanding of the Omega plane. A once legandary idea intersects reality and myth. It adds a magical element to green cloaks. The soldiers are recognisable as soldiers. Men and women in uniform trying to do the right thing.

In the Green Cloaks space travel is common. The action thought takes place where troops are deployed. It takes place on the ground. Ships just get to where you are going. This is not space ship focussed space opera. This is all about the people.

In fact if you want something to compare it too then think Warhammer 40K. Without the oversized power armour. You can also add direct comparisons to the colonial marines of Aliens and also films about World War 2. The whisper I heard is that Kellys Heroes was a strong influence.

How did I find Green Cloaks

I need to start by saying thank you to everyone. You were all incredibly welcoming and supportive. The game has a lot of focus on the faction camps. The military structure makes possible an easy issuing of tasks and roleplaying. There is a lot of role-playing that went on into the night. There is als plenty of Nerf action. Both in sudden skirmishes and larger scale battles. The final battle on the Sunday was fluid, tactical, fast and exciting. Oh and a lot of Nerf darts were fired. I heard that 10,000 rounds of ammo was sold to players onsite.

Roleplaying and action. Yes that is my bag.

Any Downsides

In the game. No. There is a growing facilities issue, in that parking in particular is getting tight. However I did hear of plans to correct that. Which means that things should only get bigger and better.

Would I go back to Green Cloaks

Absolutely, its too good a game not to go back to.

The Bumper Green Cloaks Photo Gallery

If you would like a full resolution copy of any of these photographs just let me know. The photograph title is a reference number you can refer to it with

LARPBook Show Episode 67: Dragon Thrones

LARPBook Show Episode 67: Dragon Thrones

In Episode 67

In this show Stuart and Luke (who typically supports Stuart by having technical issues) speak to Evan from the “Game Theatre Team”.

Topics of Discussion

  • We talk to Evan from the Game Theatre team
  • We talk about BOB and the perils of running an event
  • We also let you know where we are going to be soon
  • Colony Wars

Evan Speaking to us from the USA) re: The Game Theatre and his own events:

Evan who was sporting his traditional roleplay head band bandanna and en-suite red hunky shirt wanted to talk about Dragon Thrones LARP (Not to be confused with the wrestling!!) and Stuart started with the compliment that Evans company amalgamate three types of LARP . Evan went on to say that he sees what they do as like three circles, the first he stated that there is the traditional Nordic type LARP rule light etc, in the second he says Mega Gaming (interactive) and the third is Game Theatre, improv’. He thinks that the mix of the three brings something new and as a result there is more inclusion. He quoted Derek Anderson who wrote about what Dragon Thrones do.

Stuart also stated that he was fascinated that the Game Theatre also include table top in on their events too which really sounded interesting.

Evan went on to say that they establish real external and character relationships to ensure inclusion and this really works and motivates them. The game then is run in real time with support in many ways to ensure the personal story and the main game becomes immersive in many ways and levels.

Unfortunately Stuarts Geography gotten all messed up as initially when he read Bryn Mawr he thought it was a lot more local than it was….but we set him straight on that!! Evans Bryn Mawr Castle is in the beautiful suburbs of Philadelphia.

Other Games

Evan also runs other games as well as Dragon Thrones and went on to say about Off Broadway Interactive shows for new players which have been very successful. One he mentioned was “aces and operatives” a 007 style event. At this stage he also mentions “Bothwell School of Witchcraft” and his director Christopher Batarlis.

He then went to say about “ Midnight Millions” based on the “Brewster’s Millions” film which is party LARP. Here you are interacting with actors and is a murder mystery type LARP.

Evan also do one offs and all are available on their website And talked about:

Evan stated that if anyone has an idea or want to run an event he is ready to go! And he will provide a first class immersive LARP. Contact Game Theatre NOW!!. Evan then quoted Everything Epic:

Evans plans for the next six months:

First player go convention inspired by 80’s arcade games in December 2018:

Cursed castle in January 2019

With summer events in 2019 tbc.

Evan also talks about Primera Air (his favourite airline….NOT)

and he also gave more websites:

Stuart and Luke then discuss the Brotherhood of the Black at Llancaiach Fawr:

Both discussed that for the first event it went very well reaching out to the local area and introducing LARPing, medieval enactment and cosplay are all together.

Luke then discussed Bell End and the new flag it flys:

The crimson moon pub:

Luke and Stuart really enjoyed the event and are looking forward to next year.

Where we (LARPbook team) are going to be in the next few months:
August event “Renewal”.

The team will publish all events they are attending as there are so many!!

End Show

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Please note that the image used in this post comes from the Dragon Thrones Website.

All copyright is held by the images owner

This Post was Written by Luke Pitt. All hail Lukious Pittious Maximous

Colony Wars Nerfed Up Larp 2019 and LARPBook

Colony Wars Nerfed Up Larp 2019 and LARPBook

LARPBook is getting involved in Larp Production

Back in June Stu and I attended Colony Wars – it was our first time at a Colony Wars event, and we had a great time.

If Want to Know More about that event click here

And if you want to know more about an earlier iteration….

This led to a conversation between ourselves and Ram, the man behind Colony Wars Nerfed Up Larp. In short he was wondering if we would be interested in co-producing the next event?

Well that was an easy one to answer. It had to be a resounding yes!

We knew that we could get one well with Ram, and we believe that his use of classic SF movies is creating an incredibly rich backdrop to play against.

It also fitted into our plans. For a while now we’ve been talking in hushed tones about running a convention or maybe a game. This offer kicked us from how should we into “lets do this” mode. Gotta thank Ram for that.

What to expect from the game

Colony Wars draws its inspiration from the Colonial Marines from Aliens and then adds in other sources to create a rich universe. For the game we’re working on you expect inspirations drawn from

  • The Aliens Franchise
  • Terminator
  • Predator
  • Outland
  • Space Above and Beyond

And no doubt others. But that’s enough for now

The plan is to take this background and create something that will be appealing to experienced larpers, but crucially very accessible to new players. For new players we’ll be putting together

  • How to information
  • Weapons and maybe prop rentals or purchases
  • Assistance with getting costume on a budget

The aim to reduce the cost of a first larp – so as to encourage people to try.

When, Where and How Much

We’re looking for the game to run next June. The current favourite date is 21st – 23rd of June 2019
The Venue is very close to Stansted Airport
The price £35 per person although be aware that there may be some additional costs. We will detail all of these as the game develops. So that everyone will now what they are getting into.

How Do I Learn More

Right know there is an active Facebook group.
You should go there for the community and immediate information.

We’re building a website to support next years game. This will include online ticket sales. We’ll announce that sites address shortly

Also look to LARPBook itself for an ongoing development blog and special video features

2019 – is going to be a great year.

Larp Diaries Summer 2018 – Part 1

Larp Diaries Summer 2018 – Part 1

It’s the start of August and we’re about halfway through our Summer larping schedule. You may have noticed that along the way we’ve been keeping video diaries. So I thought it might be a good idea to group them together in an attempt to give a flavour of the summer so far.

Let’s Start with what we have done

I have 3 larps to show you diaries from so lets put them into a order for you

  • Curious Pastimes Event 1 (2018): Ule No Rud Sam Bith
  • Fear of the Dark: A Fistful of Pesos 2 (AKA For a Few Pesos More)
  • Colony Wars:Nerfed Up Larp – Summer 2018 Event

That’s 3 distinct and cool genres – High Fantasy, Western, and Science Fiction

Curious Pastimes Event 1

Diary 1

Diary 2

Diary 3

Diary 4

At least two of these were shot quite late at night. It’s not that we’re vampires or anything. It’s more to do with the fact that our days are quite packed at Curious Pastimes now that we’re part of the media crew there. Also the night time entries give us a chance to sum up the day as a whole.

Do you want to know more?
Here’s a 9 video long play list for this event

Fear of The Dark: A Fistful of Pesos 2

Diary 1

Diary 2

Diary 3

A little look behind the scenes. There was a 4th diary set in the games bunk room. However we had a few technical difficulties with that one so we had to abandon it.

Do You Want to Know More? 
Here’s our review of the event

Colony Wars: Nerfed Up Larp

Diary 1

Diary 2

Only two diaries from the this larp – but there were plenty of other videos and photos that came out of it.

Do You Want to Know More? 
Here’s the Colony Wars: 2018 play list


LARP Profile: The Lost Star Chronicles

LARP Profile: The Lost Star Chronicles

Group Name: The Lost Star Chronicles

Country: UK


Facebook Group:

Describe Your Game Genre: Action adventure fantasy

Who Creates Characters: The Player

How Much Plot is Tailored to individual Characters: It Varies

How Long Has the Group Been Running For: 3 years (as of July 2018)

How Frequently do you run events and for a players what is the commitment level to attend all events like

We run events twice a month on a sunday, well we have our core players who show up almost every event however it is entirely down to the individual how quickly they want a character to advance

Typically What Are the Facilities Like at your Game Sites:

Well we don’t really have facilities as we only run day events though our regular does have a nice pub and we always meet for breakfast before the event

Finally Tell us anything else you would like to about Your Game World, and How Your Events Work:

Each of the world’s are very different there is A steampunk world void of magic but overencumbered with strange technologies A world set in the 15th century a blend of old world magics and new world religion A world based on a celtic interpretation of the arthurian legend mixed with the fey wilds A desert world ruled by lizard kings with human slaves A world based around an interpretation of the norse mythos and realms A world of evil overlords bloody tyrants and tortured slaves though there is a light on the horizon.


The Lost Star Chronicles Gallery


Contact The Lost Star Chronicles

12 + 11 =

Do You Want to See Your LARP on LARPBook? 

Just click here and fill in the LARP Profile Form

LARPBook Show Episode 66: “Merican Wasteland Y’all”

LARPBook Show Episode 66: “Merican Wasteland Y’all”

You can stream, download or subscribe to this show at: LARPBook Media

In This Show

Two big things in this show. We have a special guest and new theme music.

The Guest

Our guest is James Snyder from Good Enough Films. He’s looking to create the pilot for a TV show (called Merican Wasteland) via Kickstarter. Interestingly though the show is inspired by the characters from a larp and the planned writing process is to harvest the ideas that flow from role=playing. It’s a fascinating idea – using the cooperative creativity that stems from role-playing.

I’d also like to add that James was a fantastic guest. He gave us a lot of information about his Kickstarter, the creative process he’s planning to harness and we had a fantastic chat about larp in general.

The live audience chimed in with some great questions and these  led us down the rabbit hole of larp moments and the differences between US and UK larp.

Links for Good Enough Films

Our New Music

We’ve had an upgrade in our music. It’s been composed for LARPBook by Bradley Parsons. Who is an independant musician.I think the work he’s done is absolutely first class and personally I’m looking forward to hearing what he’s written for us on our shows and videos.

If you you’d like to know more about Bradley you can get hold of him via Fiverr –

Upcoming Events

There’s quite a bit happening for us between now and the next show so here we go.

Luke is helping to organise the B.O.B. pirate festival. The plan is for a hearty and swashbuckling weekend of Pirate re-eactment, cosplay and to an extent larp.
It’s being held between 10th – 12th August 2018 at Llancaiach Fawr, in South Wales
There is also a Facebook page at:

Next are Rob’s next events to cover

The first is 80’s Post Apoc Madness. It’s after the apocalypse. 1980’s style. Look out for a blending of 80’s fashion, 2000AD, Mad Max and Neverwhere all wrapped up in a party. The event is being held at Fort Widley in Portsmouth. So that’s mad, nuked 80’s apocalypse all wrapped in a Napoleonic Fort. I’m looking forward to it

You can find out more at the Facebook event page:

Then its time to put on the combats and zoom over to Green Cloaks event 4. We have heard so much good about Green Cloaks that I am delighted to actually be going to an event. At this point it looks as if I am going to be playing a reporter (armed with a trusty blaster) and seeing what I can make of things.

Green Cloaks Event 4 is being held at August 10th – 12th at Broadstone Warren
You can learn more about Green Cloaks at:


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