Heathen Larp: A Profile

Heathen Larp: A Profile

Name of LARP Group

Heathen LRP



LARP Genre

Historically based fantasy

Who Creates The Characters?

The Player

On Average how tailored is the plot to characters

A lot

What Makes Your Events Friendly to New Players?

Very simple rules and very basic character classes mean it’s quick and easy to pick up

How Frequently do you run events

Once a year, with about 50 players and 50 odd crew. We aim to try and make sure that we keep a kit standard up, but as this is the Dark Ages there’s really not a lot to it!

What are the facilities like?

Excellent! Hot showers, clean bogs, plenty of water and a massive site. All praise to Huntley Wood!

Tell us anything else you would like to about Your Game World, and How Your Events Work

Heathen LRP is set in Anglo-Saxon Britain, at the time of the great Heathen Army. This was, for those who haven’t read/seen Bernard Cornwell’s excellent Last Kingdom series, when a huge organised raid swept through the Kingdoms of East Anglia, Northumbria, Mercia and Wessex, forcing King Alfred to flee to Somerset.

But it’s also a world in which religion and magic are real – we’ve taken the scribes at their word so when they claim they saw a dragon, there really was a dragon. The Pagan beliefs haven’t died out, so there’s tension between God, the Saxon Gods under Woden and the Viking’s alien gods under Odin.

New players don’t need to know anything about the period at all, and kit is pretty easy – a tunic and trousers will get you 90% of the way there

Website / URL



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Photo Permissions

All photographs used with permission of Haven Larp

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Sharathon: Results #1

Sharathon: Results #1

We’ve had our first results back in the Larp Sharathon and they are good. I’m trying to give credit to everyone both sharing and creating the content. It is after all time to do good for everyone.

Tips Via The LARPBook FB Page

Luke (from Tank Larp) on Runnning a Larp

Have too much plot. It’s better to have lots written and not use it all than to have too little. Use side plots/one-shot/throwaway plot to fill gaps or lulls. Think about other ways of introducing plot than just NPCs and DT writeups. Newspapers, IC documents/dossiers and other forms of real life media are good ways of putting plot in that feel less force

Luke (from Tank Larp) on Leather Maintenance

Remember to regularly wax your leather wear. Leather is never water proof, only highly water resistant. Standing water WILL absorb. Always feel the inside surface when looking to buy a scabbard or baldrick, rough surfaces will damage latex over time


These come via the Larp Haven Group on Facebook

Michael Sparks – Meeka The Elf – How to Videos on YouTube

Maxx Sterling – How to Make Hardtack Immersive Survial Food for larp Video

Callum Walker – Dust Monkey – Costuming and Costume Weathering Video Channel on YouTube

Added to The LARPBook FB Group

Magdelana Farrant – The Helpful Crafter – Craft skill sharing group on FB

Larp.Guide Help with starting free crafting classes


We’ll be posting online events as we hear about the, in the LARPBook, Facebook Group. So keep and eye out there.

How did this Start

Take a look at Sharathon. To learn what this project is all about. Remember we need your links

The Great Larp Sharathon

The Great Larp Sharathon

Help Others Learn Cool Thing

We wanr to help all stick in isolation learn a new skill. A skill that could help larping is once again possible.

So its time for Sharathon!

Here’s the idea you post links to resources that will help larpers. Help as in learn things, things that will allow time in lockdown or isolation to be productive. Things like

  • How to Create Characters
  • How to make weapons
  • How to do makeup
  • How to make costumem
  • How to camp
  • How to run a larp

Lets exchange knowlesdge on larp related skills!

Here’s How It Works

To contribute post a comment Either on this website Or on our Facebook Group.

We’ll make sure it gets shared on. Links will be published on the larpbook website, facebook page, Facebook group, twitter and also into a number of other Facebook groups

Feel free to also pass links on. What we want is knowledge shared.

Lets help everyone make the most of isolation!

Whilst I’d love to take credit for this; the idea comes from friend of LARPBook – Ram. Thank you Ram!

Larping in Self Isolation

Larping in Self Isolation

I’m writing this on the 22nd of March 2020. Social distancing is required as is self-isolation. Many of us are working from home whilst others have been laid off or are forced not to work. Some countries are in lockdown. The UK is trying to let people do the right thing. It remains to be seen if enough will. The Covid-19 pandemic is unlike anything any of us have ever seen.

Amidst this chaos, and the need for isolation the larping community are looking for ways for the hobby to continue to be an active and positive part of their lives. Larping is inherently a social activity. Depending on social contact with others. So what happens when we can no longer get together?

This is an attempt to look at both the technology and techniques that could be used to bring larpers together when events are not possible. Some of these ideas are recommendations are personal experience. Others stem from ideas I’ve seen online. I don’t believe it’s possible to correctly give credit to the people whose ideas I’ve seen. I would like to say thank you for putting them out there to be shared and distributed.

The Technology of Remote Larp

The good news here is that there are lots of options. This list is not exhaustive. I’m not sure it could be. These are however all good options. I’m also only focussing on those that are free to use. You’ll find that some of the items here are login in and use. A few require installation on a webserver. These are included as there is a lot of technical skill amongst larpers, and the resources to do this.


A free text and voice chat service specifically designed for communities and games

Facebook Groups

Almost needing no introduction. Long used by larps as an organisational tool, don’t discount it as a place for conversation


Mastodon enables are free and private social media. Think of it as being Twitter just for your group of people. Interestingly Mastodon can federate between individual Mastodon installations. Giving the possibility of opening up the conversation if desired.


An oldie but a goodie. Its ability to handle conversations is well known


Used by a great many. This is another first-rate free group messenger

Google Drive

Not messaging but open documents. I’d imagine this as a great place for larp letter writing, or group planning


phpBB is a venerable but great bulletin board. Allowing for varied group discussions. The actual list of available bulletin boards is vast. So we’ve just picked on one of the best here


Designed to support remote tabletop RPG games. I see no reason for putting this into play for creating online larps

Ideas for Remote Larp

It’s ok having technology at your disposal, but how do you use it? So here are a few ideas

The Campfire

Agree a time to meet up online. Simulate that you’re character has been out doing things or travelling. Around the campfire talk about what would have happened. Regale each other with past glories and gossip about what may be happening.

The Mead Hall

Any bar setting will do but I’m calling it a Mead Hall as I’ve stolen the idea the Wolves Faction are Curious Pastimes who have built a Mead Hall in a Facebook group and at the time writing the role-play is building up. The idea is not unlike a The Camp Fire idea. Create a space for conversation exist and let the Role Play do the rest.

Letter Writing

Once upon a time, all remote communication was accomplished with letters. Imagine if you will that your character needs to converse with another character further afield a letter needs to be written. So write your letter. Of course, we shouldn’t be posting physical letters in isolation. Send your letter by email etc. Keep the letters as separate files so that they can only be read as "letters". Use them in future events

Play a Larp

Using a scenario. Get online and talk you through playing an actual game. Talk in character. Do video – and wear your character’s costume. Use a referee from your larp and keep things in line with the main plot. See where a few hours online can take you. Someone should document this session so that what happens online stands a chance of being integrated into the main larp.

Crafting In Character

Lots of games have rules for crafting items. Allowing for special in-game items to be made and maybe traded. Extend the crafting rules online and let players role-play their following of the crafting process online. Players get a chance to better learn an aspect of the game. Items can be made ready for the next event. Just one thought – not too many special items. Care must be taken to maintain game balance here. Don’t be silly with is.

Learning to Craft for real

If you can’t larp why not learn to make things. Try your hand at leatherwork, weapon making, sewing, carving, 3d printing etc. Setup a self-help group with some friends and learn a new skill and make costumes, props and weapons for your next larp.

Create a Shared Story

Start a shared story. Put of the broad theme, location and starting conditions of the story. Then open it up to let others add a little at a time. As each person tells part of the tale it develops. Each new segment adds something unique to what has come before. It is surprisingly like larping. Very organic and stemming from the creativity of its contributors. Try using it to tell side stories from your larp.

Develop and Share Character Backstories

Larpers are generally good at backstories. So take the time to better develop those of characters you have or have intended to play. Don’t stop there though. If can come up with any more put them out there for your larp community to take a look at. It might help develop the larps world a little, and help new larpers when play resumes.

Thoughts around online

A few things to think about when you are engaged in online play. These particularly apply to video or audio calls and come from experience with recording our shows and interviews.

Don’t Monologue

You need to get an idea out and talking at length feels like the right idea. This isn’t true, it just seems like it. Put out your idea in smaller bite-sized chunks. Develop it in conversation with others. One person talking at length can be boring. It stops discourse and often puts too much out in one go for a reasonable conclusion. So keep things short.

Don’t talk over each other

When a lot of people talk at once online the conversation can collapse into babble. Let one each person complete what they are saying and work from there. Consider assigning the role of the referee or moderator to someone. Just to make sure everything is fair and even.

Assign a record keeper

Key outcomes may need to be written down for later reference. Don’t rely on everyone’s shared memory. Make someone a dedicated keeper of the notes. Make those notes available to everyone after the session so that corrections and extensions can be made. Also shared to the larps organiser if needed.

Consider recording the session

Only d0this with everyone’s permission! Record the session and share it out to other players of your larp. In fact, why not put it out on Youtube for other larpers to watch. We should all be helping to entertain each other in these dark days

Consider Using Facebook Live or YouTube Live

If you’re doing an online event let people know and think about broadcasting it live. This could be a real boon to everyone


Self-isolation is not a natural larper state of affairs. Do what you can to stat in touch, have fun and keep things going. If you are running something online don’t to publicise it on Social Media. If you let LARPBook know we’ll do what we can to help get the word out.

The important thing is to stay safe, stay well but also to stay in touch and keep the larp fires burning.

If there is anything you’d like LARPBook to know please use of Contact Page.

Sovereign Scrolls – LARP Profile

Sovereign Scrolls – LARP Profile

Name of LARP Group

Sovereign Scrolls


United States

LARP Genre

Fantasy, mild steampunk

Who Creates The Characters?

A Combination of both

On Average how tailored is the plot to characters

A lot

What Makes Your Events Friendly to New Players?

We help every new player integrate themselves into our game by collaborative building a backstory with them. Those back stories are used to create new plot for the player.

How Frequently do you run events

We have three chapters of the game and run at least two of three of them monthly.

What are the facilities like?

We run at a variety of sites. In Austin our site is a camping site with a castle, our Woodville game has a full-service kitchen and screened cabins, and our Springfield Louisiana site has a pool house, camping facilities, and a pool.

Website / URL


Other Web Address



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Photo Permissions

All photographs used with permission of Haven Larp Add Your Larp

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Profile of Haven Larp

Profile of Haven Larp

Name of LARP Group




LARP Genre

Adventure Fantasy

Who Creates The Characters?

The Player

On Average how tailored is the plot to characters

It Varies

What Makes Your Events Friendly to New Players?

A huge array of races to tailor your character to, and all of them are heroes: no massive character progression, but focus on roleplay and light expansion of special trade skills

How Frequently do you run events

2 weekends a month, several mini-events player-driven

What are the facilities like?

Youth camp style, all necessary amenities such as separate beds, hot showers, toilets

Tell us anything else you would like to about Your Game World, and How Your Events Work

New players arrive from their home planet, all in different ways, not realising what they will find.

Indigenous tribes, unfamiliar fauna and flora, wrathful demigods playing tricks on them – if they survive this ordeal, they may bump into more familiar groups from their home planet, or total strangers. Powerful allies or fearsome foes.

Their fate is the same, however – surviving this unwelcoming world. Either together or alone.

The existing players have been discovering this planet for a while, and scour it in one semi-coherent group. What will they think of the newcomers?

Website / URL


Other Web Address



Contact Haven LARP

Photo Permissions

All photographs used with permission of Haven Larp

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UK Larp Awards 2020 – The Winners

UK Larp Awards 2020 – The Winners

Before getting into the listings I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who nominated or voted for LARPBook. We won the inaugural Larp Media of the Year of the year and it really means a lot to us.

Thank you

Here are all the winners of the 2020 UK Larp Awards

NEW Larp Media of the Year

  • LARPBook

NEW Prop of the year

  • The Bridge of the Obsidian Cygnus – Star Wars Larp

Award for Accessibility in Larp

  • Making It

International Larp of the year

  • Odysseus

Larp venue of the year

  • Huntley Wood

Small Larp of the year

  • MVEX

Medium Larp of the year

  • Fairyland

Large Larp of the year

  • Empire

Family Event of the Year

  • Legacy

Player Run or Sanctioned Event of the year

  • Nemesis 2 – Empire

Club System of the Year

  • Fools & Heroes

Grassroots System of the Year

  • Empire

New Larp of the year

  • The Jade Throne

Larp producer of the year- foam/latex

  • Goblin Workshop

Larp producer of the year – leather

  • McSkelley Leathers

Larp producer of the year – costume

  • Golden Mochi Costumes & Commissions – Scarlett Hayler-King

Larp Caterer of the year

  • The Wooden Spoon

Creature Costume or Puppet of the year

  • Drowners – Northern Kingdoms

Online Larp retailer of the year

  • Gem’s Trading Co

In field Larp retailer of the year

  • Chow’s Emporium

Bard of the year

  • D J Wild – Fairyland – John Newton

NPC of the year

  • Rob Hopper – D’Artagnan – All For One

Event Crew Member of the year

  • Kat Quatermass

Unsung Hero

  • Cordelia Lowe

Life Time Achievement

  • Caroline "Caggles" Proctor

Overall Larp

  • Fairyland

Poker Tournament

  • Nathan McDonald

Combat Tournament

  • Grace Currah

Photography Categories


Title: So Many Saved Judges’ Choice

Where: Obsidian Cygnus

Photographer: Oliver Facey


Title: Before the Ancestors Judges’ Choice

Where: Empire

Photographer: Oliver Facey


Title: AX-3000 Judges’ Choice

Where: Tenement 67

Photographer: Rob Davies (LARPBook)


Title: The Bluebells of Murder Alley Judges’ Choice

Where: Empire

Photographer: Tom Llewellyn


Title: Don’t Byte Off More than You Can Chew Judges’ Choice

Where: From Shadows

Photographer: Tony Berzins


Title: Disney Crew Judges’ Choice

Where: From Shadows

Photographer: Tony Berzins


Title: You got the Password? Judges’ Choice

Where: No Rest for the Wicked

Photographer: Ben Smith

That’s it for the UK Larp Awards in 2020. See you in 2021

What’s Your Game 2020 – Larp Kit Fair

What’s Your Game 2020 – Larp Kit Fair

What’s Your Game has become our annual pilgimage to historic Gloucester. Well the Gloucester Blackfriars – was founded in 1239 by Domincan Black Friars. Making it both historic and place that a pilgrimage could go to.

To us though its the site of What’s Your Game, one of the UK’s largest larp trading weekends.

As usual we came away with a goodly number of photographs and videos. You’ll find links to the YouTube playlist and a gallery towards the end of this piece. More importantly we had information on larps and makers, and laid the foundations for a number of things to come in 2020.

For most people its a chance to try out and buy kit and also learn about new larps.

What is What’s Your Game Like?

As usual Whats Your Game spread itself throughout Blackfriars Priory. This means exploring various buildings and floors. Making a visit reminiscent of larping through a dungeon. Ancient walls, low hung oak beams and weapons everywhere. Its got an unique feel. One that makes it feel safe, and also like a bit of adventure all at the same time.

Finding a trader or a friend is a bit of a fun act of discovery.

You’ll also find the great and good of larping either trading or wandering around.

To give you an idea, random encounters for us included (but not limited to)

Do We Have News?

Yes we do. First of all I must direct you to the interviews. All our trader and maker interviews contain news about products and plans. So go and have a watch.

And here are a few highlights

  • Wye Vallery Meadery are growing their premises. There will be a mead (hall), bar
  • Gnosis Studios new range of larp safe and throwable heads are something we loved and are going to take a closer look at
  • Taylored Weapons are making nice blades with bone handles
  • Goblin Workshops have great in character cutlery holders
  • Craeftigan have glow in the dark embroidery,


One of our objectives for 2020 is to increase our reviewing of larp equipment and props. We gained some review items at What’s Your Game and also it looks like we have a few more coming to us.

So that’s a thank you for your support from various traders at this event.


We confirmed several event invitations here. That’s more events for us to cover for you. This is great news as the more larps we have to show the better. At the moment 2020 is looking a little like this

  • Eldritch Days
  • Curious Pastimes
  • Tank Larp
  • Green Cloaks
  • SteamWeave
  • Camelot Larp Conference

Plus a few specials – Like a visit to Wye Valley Meadery.

New Presenter Issy

New presenter Issy did her first interviews at What’s Your Game. She also got into running some of video AV kit. Allowing Stuart to do more direction. Our hope is that Issy will bring in both a new presentation style and a strong youth voice.


If you would like to see a more photographs. Or have the opportunity to get a hi-res version, print of gift of any of these then take a look at the full gallery.

Visit The Full What’s Your Game Gallery on Robs Photography Website


You’ll find all our videos recorded at What’s Your Game 2020 in this play list. We hope you enjoy.

The What’s Your Game 2020 Video PlayList

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