LARP Profile: The Lost Star Chronicles

LARP Profile: The Lost Star Chronicles

Group Name: The Lost Star Chronicles

Country: UK


Facebook Group:

Describe Your Game Genre: Action adventure fantasy

Who Creates Characters: The Player

How Much Plot is Tailored to individual Characters: It Varies

How Long Has the Group Been Running For: 3 years (as of July 2018)

How Frequently do you run events and for a players what is the commitment level to attend all events like

We run events twice a month on a sunday, well we have our core players who show up almost every event however it is entirely down to the individual how quickly they want a character to advance

Typically What Are the Facilities Like at your Game Sites:

Well we don’t really have facilities as we only run day events though our regular does have a nice pub and we always meet for breakfast before the event

Finally Tell us anything else you would like to about Your Game World, and How Your Events Work:

Each of the world’s are very different there is A steampunk world void of magic but overencumbered with strange technologies A world set in the 15th century a blend of old world magics and new world religion A world based on a celtic interpretation of the arthurian legend mixed with the fey wilds A desert world ruled by lizard kings with human slaves A world based around an interpretation of the norse mythos and realms A world of evil overlords bloody tyrants and tortured slaves though there is a light on the horizon.


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LARPBook Show Episode 66: “Merican Wasteland Y’all”

LARPBook Show Episode 66: “Merican Wasteland Y’all”

You can stream, download or subscribe to this show at: LARPBook Media

In This Show

Two big things in this show. We have a special guest and new theme music.

The Guest

Our guest is James Snyder from Good Enough Films. He’s looking to create the pilot for a TV show (called Merican Wasteland) via Kickstarter. Interestingly though the show is inspired by the characters from a larp and the planned writing process is to harvest the ideas that flow from role=playing. It’s a fascinating idea – using the cooperative creativity that stems from role-playing.

I’d also like to add that James was a fantastic guest. He gave us a lot of information about his Kickstarter, the creative process he’s planning to harness and we had a fantastic chat about larp in general.

The live audience chimed in with some great questions and these  led us down the rabbit hole of larp moments and the differences between US and UK larp.

Links for Good Enough Films

Our New Music

We’ve had an upgrade in our music. It’s been composed for LARPBook by Bradley Parsons. Who is an independant musician.I think the work he’s done is absolutely first class and personally I’m looking forward to hearing what he’s written for us on our shows and videos.

If you you’d like to know more about Bradley you can get hold of him via Fiverr –

Upcoming Events

There’s quite a bit happening for us between now and the next show so here we go.

Luke is helping to organise the B.O.B. pirate festival. The plan is for a hearty and swashbuckling weekend of Pirate re-eactment, cosplay and to an extent larp.
It’s being held between 10th – 12th August 2018 at Llancaiach Fawr, in South Wales
There is also a Facebook page at:

Next are Rob’s next events to cover

The first is 80’s Post Apoc Madness. It’s after the apocalypse. 1980’s style. Look out for a blending of 80’s fashion, 2000AD, Mad Max and Neverwhere all wrapped up in a party. The event is being held at Fort Widley in Portsmouth. So that’s mad, nuked 80’s apocalypse all wrapped in a Napoleonic Fort. I’m looking forward to it

You can find out more at the Facebook event page:

Then its time to put on the combats and zoom over to Green Cloaks event 4. We have heard so much good about Green Cloaks that I am delighted to actually be going to an event. At this point it looks as if I am going to be playing a reporter (armed with a trusty blaster) and seeing what I can make of things.

Green Cloaks Event 4 is being held at August 10th – 12th at Broadstone Warren
You can learn more about Green Cloaks at:


A big Thank you to our lovely patrons who make it a bit easier to keep this show going. If you would like to get in contact with the show just email [email protected], is there a topic you would like us to discuss or something cool you saw or fancy writing an article for the website then email the show [email protected].

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Nerf Resources for LARP – Summer 2018

Nerf Resources for LARP – Summer 2018

Nerf Resource in LARPBook – The Backstory

Our first Nerf article was a short listing of resources regarding how to modify a nerf weapon for use in larp. That was quite a few years ago and its now time to update it.

In case you’re wondering, yes this revisit was inspired by our recent visit to Colony Wars – Nerfed Up Larp.

This time round I also decided to do things a little differently. I thought it might be a good idea to ask the great larp hive for idea.

This question was asked on a number of groups in Facebook:

Hi all, I’m doing some research on Nerf modifications for a future article. What I’m looking for are recommendations for websites on Nerf Modifications. All mods acceptable – can you help?

The resources are all as credited. The descriptive follows a check of each one by myself. Credits exist where we permission to publish the name of the person who has helped us.

The answers came in,

and we know have this updated list of Nerf resources for larp – 2018

Facebook Group: UK Nerf War

Uk Facebook group dedicated to all things nerf. You’ll on going discussions, mods, photos and videos. Note that his is the Facebook feed of UKNERFWAR.COM. More about which in a moment

Credit: Kevin Bullard


The intention is to be one stop site for Nerf onformation and modifications and parts. This site doesn’t actaull have that much on it. Instead it links out to other parts of the UK Nerf War / BritNerf empire which has information on suppliers, events and also a forum. UK Nerf War will also take commisions for Nerf Modification.

Credit: Kevin Bullard


Linked to from UK Nerf War, Britnerf is straight into a forum that is chokc full of advice and discussions. It also noticed serious attentioon to the subekjct of the law in respect to replica firearms. You won’t just learn about modification. There is a lot here about the whole Nerf hobby.

Credit: Tim Jones

Website: Nerf Haven

A for member website with Nerf game information, forums and discussions. It looks like plenty is going on and anyone time.

Credit: Dazz Jones

Website: Thingiverse

There’s no doubt that 3D printing has come a long way in the last few years. It’s now cheaper and easier to do that ever before. The Nerf modders have been quick off the mark to see the potetial in designing and printing your own Nerf mods. This is were Thingiverse comes in. It holds a enormous catalogue of uploaded 3D models. A quick search for Nerf found an almost enending list of items to designed to make your nerf just the way you want it.

Credit: Tom Bestow


Loved the first impression and design of this Internationally focussed site that provides and absolutely enourmous range of parts, modifications and acessories for blaster. Not just Nerf. Quite a range of alternative brands are also catered for. They also seem very aware to the range of uses that people put nerf too (casual games, office games, larp etc).

Website: RPF

This is primarily a costumes, props and models website. So don’t go expecting wall to wall nerf mods. What there are though are plent of discussion about props that will help your nerf modding. There are also examples of Nerf being turned into something else.

Credit: Krissy Martin

Facebook Group: Australian Nerf Modders

This one is exactly what is says on the tin. An active community with plenty of ideas, photos, links and videos

Facebook Group: Nerf Modders Welcome

A large and highly active group for all things nerf. There are over 11000 members which means you are in for an almost unending stream of infomration and discussion.

Facebook Group: Nerfholics Anonymous

Want another place to talk Nerf – I think you’ve just found it.

Website: Monkee Mods

A Malaysian based shop that ships all over the world. Initial impressions here are that there are a lot of options for the nerf modder.

Website: 1738th Red Wolves

U.S. based shop for Nerf parts, modifications and blasters. It looks like they also take on custom work as well.

Website: Jet Blaster

If you kit blasters and kit parts this could be the site for you. Thre are some really nice looking proudcts here. The main focus seems to be on kits for high end blasters that you can build and modify to your hearts delight. The site is U.S. based but does ship internationally.

Website Nerf SubReddit

There is a goodly sized nerf community on Reddit. If you like Reddit then this could be a good place for you

Website: BlasterSmiths UK

Blastersmiths have been around in the UK for about 5 years. They sell a good range of parts and supplies and also do club items (for exampele I noticed support for both Green Cloaks and Futures End). Custom commisions are also taken and it looks as if this is run via their Facebook Page. I also found the entries on this site useful

Facebook Page: Blastersmiths UK

The Facebook arm of BlasterSmith. Nice posts and also the place to go for commissions.


We’ve a had quite few YouTube recommendations, and it’s clear that there is a lot here. So stand by – as I see a Nerf YouTube special coming up in the not too distant future

Source Credits

A number of people have helped by giving me links for this aricle. The ones I know I have permission to use the names for are listed next to credits. If sent me a link and would your name added please let me know. Also if you want your name removed, that is no problem. Please just let me know.

Image Credit

The image used in this post comnes from McHenry Arts. You can find full details of this image and it’s licence here

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Larp in the Aliens Universe at Colony Wars

Larp in the Aliens Universe at Colony Wars

We were invited to Colony Wars Larp, to join up with a band of colonial marines. So Stuart and I travelled to a venue running alongside Stansted airport runway to find out more. What we encountered were colonial marines, morally ambiguous synthetics, apes and giant spiders. It was a good larp.

Of course a good larp, doesn’t say much. So what do I mean.

The Setting

Aliens hints a large number if surveyed worlds, terraforming projects and drops by marines. Couple this with the strong 80’s vibe that permeates the Aliens universe, the existence of the Engineers, and Predators and we have a rich mythos that is lightly explored on screen. This is what Colony Wars tapped into – quite successfully.

Of course one universe is never enough. So for this event the feel and attitude of the Apes from Planet of the Apes is also added. Interestingly the more thoughtful Apes and gung-ho marines made an interesting combination. Also when I say Planet of the Apes this is not a literal taking from the movie. The humanoid apes are there. This variation saw a shamanistic religion being developed by the Ape players. Which is great – just the sort of thing Weyland-Yutani likes exploiting.

Ok so that’s the vibe –

What about the game itself ?

First of all – I loved the Ape masks. These were all specially created for this event and were very comfortable to wear. Instead of having latex in contact with skin, we had the inside of a motorcycle balaclava. Great idea as this a fair more breathable and friendly material. It meant that the masks could be worn all day, which definitely aided immersion.

Next up I’ve got to shout out the guys playing marines. Great combat gear and also a superb level of Nerf modification. My favourite had to be the M41A Pulse Rifle, Made from 3D printed parts mounted over a nerf chassis this really looked and felt the part.

Also the marines and Weyland-Yutani (insert expletive here) staff, put together a great camp with cooking on an open fire. There was a kind of Vietnam feel here and that to me that hit the mark.

The rules themselves were minimal. There were safety considerations and it the outcomes of combat and technology use were quickly apparent. The device of having one of the game refs play a synthetic really helped glue things together.

The Puppets

An aspect to this game that really stood out  was the use puppeteering. It worked like this. In game there were creatures (face huggers and giant spiders) that the players encountered. The actions of these were controlled by a puppeteer who wore black. The idea was that players would focus on the beastie and not on the crew member. This worked supremely well. The players role-played keeping their focus on the creatures and ignored the crew. Speaking to them later it looks as if they were genuinely only observing the puppets.

Oddly during my time playing a spider I found myself remembering and channelling the amazing spiders from Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Children of Time. Brilliant book and seriously recommended.

Colony Wars is a great example of what a small larp can achieve. Good plot, well organised but above all run with the players very much in mind. This was a first class event.

My final view is that of the players and organisers. Fantastic people. Very friendly and I can’t thank them enough for asking us in.

The Photos

Will there be more?

At the end of the game the organisers said no more. This was the last. I later saw the words never say never crop up online. So this is why no link to the organisers. At least no until they say they want to more. Should that happen I’ll be more than happy to report back to you.

LARPBook Show Episode 65: Lukes Bell End

LARPBook Show Episode 65: Lukes Bell End

Of Time Zones

In this episode we were due to be joined by Ryan Hart and Josh Knox of Sinking Ship Creations. Which would have been very appropriate as episode 65 was to see the completion of our latest prize draw. A ticket to the One Big Larp, Six Studios conference later this year. It turned out Ryan was an hour late so we talked and ran the prize draw regardless.

Now a guest from the USA being 1 hour late has happened before. In fact its happened more than once so I looked into why does Google give people the wrong time. I think you may like the answer. So I’ll take a moment to talk about it.

We live in the U.K. and as such we always think of ourselves as being on GMT. It’s the native Brits timezone of choice. Greenwich Mean Time – the start of all timezone calculations. That as it turns out is the problem. In the Summer we move clocks forward one hour for British Summer Time. In the UK we think of British Summer TIme as marking the start and end of Summer. However it turns out it does more.

That’s because since 1984 the standard for measuring time has been UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). That’s the standard Internet time beats too. Under UTC both GMT and BST are separate time zones. GMT is still the start of timezone calculations (UTC+0). BST however is UTC+1. It is one hour ahead of GMT.

So if you ask Google to show the time for GMT. You’ll only get the right time for half the year. For the other half you’ll be one hour behind.

So it looks like we need to apologise to our guests for saying we are on GMT. We should say we are on London time or UTC+0 or perhaps GMT in Winter and BST in summer.

Hopefully that explains all.

Sorry to our International guests

Our Competition Winner

The winner of our prize draw to win a ticket for  One Big Larp, Six Studios. Is  Gill Edgar. Gill we will be in touch shortly to arrange your ticket.

The Hour Long Conversation

Not counting the prize draw we had a good hour long conversation. This was massively aided by our wonderful chat room, Here is what we talked about

Thom needs Rico – Thom was unable to attend to a mysterious message about having a problem with a bug. We immediately thought of Starship Troopers and that perhaps Thom needed the Roughnecks to help him out.

Lukes purchase of an Emperor (8m) Bell Tent. A massive erection that looks more capable of housing a few tents (or zeppelins) inside it. Yes we made some fun but we also had a chance to talk tents and that was good

Brotherhood of the Black. This is a pirate festival that Luke is involved in the running in Nelson, South Wales this August. He gives a good accounting of what is planned

There was also a good bit of chat about our early Role Playing experiences.

All the rambling changed when Ryan came on

Ryan Hart

Ryan is from Sinking Ship Creations. He’s well known in Larp and an excellent thinker on the subject. We pretty much gave Ryan a platform to say what we wanted and what he had to say was fascinating. There was talk about how Larps interact in the US and also interactively. I was personally enthused as he came back with an idea that could actually save and international larp idea of my own that has been stuck in development hell. Thank you Ryan.

I’d recommend you watch Ryans segment if nothing else. Its well worth it


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Our thanks to Bell Tent Boutique for the picture of the Emperor Bell Tent

Horror Cowboy LARP: A Fistful of Pesos 2

Horror Cowboy LARP: A Fistful of Pesos 2

It’s cowboy horror larp time. Way back in the mists of 2012 I was lucky enough to play in the original Fistful of Pesos game. You can read that review here.  I had a very good time.

The resurgence of the Fear of the Dark has brought us to its sequel. A Fistful of Pesos 2.

Actually sequel isn’t strictly true as I learned that is is actually part 2 of what will be a trilogy of cowboy horror events. That’s the history. What about the event itself?

The event started at around 8pm on the Friday (June 1st 2018). The first evening really gave us a chance to settle into our characters. Yes there was some threat. But it was nothing terrifying. We got our cowboy on and got used to our sixguns, Importantly we grasped out place in the story. Up until this point we’d all received a number of mails detailing the backstory and know it all came together as we played it,.

It was 1850 and were all part of a Wagon Train that was heading out West. The journey had been arduous and now the train was in trouble. Key members had been poisoned and could not be moved. So a small party had set off to check out a shortcut to a Fort, where it was hoped that medical supplies and much needed food could be found. We were that party.

Early on in the game we reached a shack. The plan was that we’d overnight there and move. This is where larp and reality clashed. Most of the male players had decided to play U.S. macho. They’d fight, shoot, drink, ride and do all the rough stuff. Women though had to cook, and clean and be submissive. So the games sole female player found herself being pushed towards the kitchen. The cooking was her job.

This did not go down too well. Not in the slightest.

Now some of this was due to the kind of politically incorrect banter that goes on at these games. But some of it was a modern reaction to being put in situation where current norms don’t work. Now how her character should have reacted – I’m not qualified to say. But it felt that in addition to some teasing we had genuine reaction between modern feelings and the worst of 1850,

That is something that I’ve always liked about larp. The ability to let us feel things in a way that is outside of how we normally live.

The next morning saw my character suffer the consequences of over sleeping (a bit of a shouting at), and the consumption of beans (the side effects of which would be prevalent through the day). Then we were off. All we had to do was avoid being shot at by the locals and get through a short canyon that had some bad stories told about it.

This is where I’m going to stop the account. I’m getting into spoiler territory should this ever be rerun. Also what came next had to be seen, heard and experienced. Let’s just say that as the day progressed things got strange. Things got eerie, surreal and spooky. We felt the toll of death and were pushed by forces that we didn’t begin to understand onwards but not upwards.

The high point if you can call it that was the reading of a very authentic diary that told gruesome tale of a previous wagon train that tried to get through the canyon. It was listened to in hushed silence and set us all up for knowing that a bad end could not be far away.

It was very Fear of the Dark. Letting us grow into our characters. Have room for some fun and then over time reveal the situation we were in. I had a great time. I’m looking forward to the next one

Interesting this event was inspired / taken from an actual story of a group of travellers from 1846-1847. The Donner Party. I think that helped give this an edge of realism. If you’d like to know more about the Donner Party this is a link to the Wikipedia page.

Cowboy Photo Gallery

As is becoming usual we shot some off the cuff video diaries

Diary 1: Friday: just before we started


Diary 2: Saturday: Dressed As Cowboys


Diary 3: Sunday, It’s All Over and Time to say Thank You




LARPBook  Show 64: All Moxy All The Time

LARPBook Show 64: All Moxy All The Time

First of I’d like to say a big thank you to our new sponsor. Episode 64 of the show introduces Larp Inn as a sponsor; and we welcome this move as it will make running LARPBook easier as we receive more income. Easier translates to more larps so that can only be a good thing.

Of course that means I can now say – and here is a word from our sponsor (always wanted to say that)

Are you looking for top quality larping gear? Then look no further than larpinn, Larp Inn is one of the UK’s largest online shops for the Live Action Roleplaying hobby. their Telford based warehouse ships Larp Costume, Larp Armour, Larp Weapons and Larp Accessories all over the UK and abroad. They also operate a showroom where you can drop by and pick up an order, try out a costume or feel the weight of a new larp weapon they also frequently trade at events, so go and take a look at what they have to offer over at and say that LARPBook sent you!

This episode is all about the the weekend that started on Friday May 4th. In the UK that’s a bank holiday – to everyone outside of the Uk that means most people get the following Monday off work. Making it a great weekend to Larp on.  Not just larps as lots of other things also go on so…

Talking About Curious Pastimes and Brixham Pirate Festival

Rob and Stu spent the weekend at Curious Pastimes Event 1

Luke went to the Brixham Pirate Festival.

This show is really us talking about these two events in detail. That and we make fun of each other as well. Especially over Lukes Bar Tab at the Crimson Moon Larp bar. Much was said about how much we may or may not have spent on Lukes behalf.

As befits such a weekend we have lots of links to the events and other people who covered them..

The Links

Curious Pastimes the Gaelic one

Brixham Pirate Festival

Brotherhood of the black (BOB)

Oliver Facey Gallery

Steve Mitchell

Ric Crossley – Slender Pictures



There are now events coming in thick and fast so here are two in the UK for your consideration

Green Cloaks Event 1
May 11, Friday – May 13, Sunday
Broadstone Warren Scout Camp and Activity Centre

Convergence Wyverns Tales – annual big event
May 25, Friday – May 27, Sunday
Huntley Wood, Cheadle, Stoke-on-Trent



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Curious Pastimes – ‘Erin: Uile no rud sam bith’ is over

Curious Pastimes – ‘Erin: Uile no rud sam bith’ is over

I’ve arrived home as event 1 for Curious Pastimes 2018 is now over. It’s a sad moment when a larping event comes to its end; but at least we have lots to show you from this one.

First  thought I have say some thank yous. Thanks to Curious Pastimes for letting us come in and do this. We really appreciate it. Also a special mention to the crew time for really making us welcome – you are larpy wonderfulness.  I also want to say a special mention to Oliver Facey, Ric Crossley and Steve Mitchell. A pleasure as always to work alongside you gentlemen.

Now onto the end of the game. It was a tough one for the players, that is to say their enemies were intelligent, crafty and strong. Personally these are always my favourites. Despite the frustration and annoyance of losses – I just feel that is more satisfying to get through the tough times. I’m not sure as I write this of the outcome of the Monday battle. I’ll explain why in a moment but even without that it was clear to see that this was a great event.

This was my first time at a start of season event for Curious Pastimes. It’s smaller in terms of numbers than renewal, but not in atmosphere. Spending time in the bar (the Crimson Moon of course), hanging around camps or following skirmishes it all felt that the smaller numbers did not take away from anything. It felt like a calmer place but in that calm before the storm kind of way. Really nice

I’ve become a sucker for Paccar scout camp. It’s easily becoming a favourite larping venue for me; it is a gorgeous location. And it seems to accommodate Curious Pastimes just right.

There were highlights – like watching the start of Beltane. That was special. The action in the skirmishes were great and I thought the healers did a wonderful job of roleplaying bringing people back from the brink. There was one particularly splendid piece of demonic bad-guy monologging – I really hope we have that on video. Vollsanger did a wonderful job of building up atmosphere, and Moxy the lammie carrying wench had real fun with punters.

Great fun. It was a weekend I loved it.

For a taster here is the first set of photos from this event as we have lots to show you

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