A character examines a scroll at Forest Argent larp

LARPBook exists to support,  promote and explore the larp hobby. Our mission is to get more people larping and more people to see this wonderful hobbies potential. In addition to your articles, social media posts, videos and podcasts we are also really happy to do things for event organisers. This includes items like

Event Coverage

When LARPBook covers as event we do as much as we possibly can to capture its feel and atmosphere. This is great for players as they end with things post event that they can look back on and use. its great for event organisers as there are now third party resources there for their usage to promote future events if they so choose.  Exactly what we do depends on how many people and whom out of our team we can get to you but our media coverage can include

  • Written articles
  • Still Photo Galleries
  • Interviews
  • Videos
  • Video Diaries
  • Postings on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

If your interested email us on [email protected]

LARP Profile

We have an expanding list of profiles on regularly playing larps. The profile is a single page that give you a chance to say what your game is all about. We can also include a contact form and photograph galleries in their too. Perhaps the best way is to see. Here are some larp profiles. And here is the form to create one.

Registration of Event

Registering your event with LARPBook means that we will list it as an event and this will hopefully help anyone looking for a game find you. To do this please click here.

Crew Call

Crew calls are for event organisers looking for additional crew / staff for their event. Fill in the form and we will put out a news piece and give you need a shout out.  To do this please click here.

LARP Rule Book

LARPBook is developing a free to use and adapt LARP Rule Book. To see the editions / versions available as they are created please click here.


If you cannot see something there that may help then please let us know. LARPBook exists to support larp and its organisers. If we’re missing something – then we’d like to include it.


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