Contributor Licensing Terms & Copyright

All contributions to LARPBOOK are automatically licensed under the

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.  License

To learn more about this licence please visit :

This will give you a full and summary view of this licence.

Our Intention in using this licence is

  1. To keep contribution copyright and intellectual property rights with the creator of the contribution
  2. To allow the community to make use of the material for non profit profit purposes only – for the benefit of the community
  3. To prevent commercial use of contributors work without getting the contributors permission.


Copyright and LARPBook

Under no circumstances will LARPBook ever assert copyright over a contributors work. All contributions to LARPBook remain the copyright of their creator.


Copyright and Contributions

Under no circumstances should you ever contribute anything to LARPBook unless you are the creator. The only exception to this are contributions that you are submitting on behalf of the original creator. Under these circumstances you must give credit to the materials creator.


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