Featured Articles

Larp explored by feature pieces that cover a wide range of topics. This where you will find a mixture of opinion pieces, reviews, larp visits, galleries and videos

LARP Websites

We have a number of articles that focus on websites about larp.  If you want to see what’s on the web then try here.

LARP Clubs

We collect profile information on larp clubs and groups. It’s a chance for people to see what is out there. These pages include key information, photographs and contact forms.

LARP Rules Library

The Rules Library includes information about the rules systems of a number of different larps. You’ll also find aspects of rules discussions here.

Larp Reviews

LARPBook reviews what it sees. This is where we review larps and related events here. Also, expect to see equipment reviews popping up.

About LARPBook

This represents what LARPBook is all about. A chance to explore the hobby. Every now and then we also publish blog posts about the LARPBook Project

Larp Media

We have collated a very large number of photographs, videos, and shows. If you want something larp related to watch then it is best to go here.

LARP Events

This is where you’ll find some information about upcoming events and also peruse larps events gone by

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