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An expanding catalogue of websites for larp

Larp uses the web. Websites are part of getting information about events. Buying our equipment and keeping in touch. So much so that it’s getting hard to remember what larp was like before we all got on the Internet.

The websites category is for when we put specific attention on a website. We put links in our articles for sure. But these pages are all about shining a light on a particular site.

Use this part of LARPBook to help you find resources on the Internet.

Also if you happen to know of something that may be useful; then please send it to us. We’re always on the lookout for new things.

Neverland – A LARP Sitcom

Neverland is a planned web series with the intention creating a sitcom that whilst being funny also paints a positive portrayal of LARP. As I write this it is going into its final four days of a funding run at If...

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The Scribe Magazine – Old and New

The Scribe Magazine – Old and New

This all started a few weeks back when a good friend tried to embarrass me on facebook by finding old scribe covers that I happened to be on. After a good chuckle it led me to root out of the cupboard my copies of the 1990’s LRP magazine and have a nostalgic browse....

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