3 Larp Traders Interviewed

3 Larp Traders Interviewed

Larp traders in a field means one thing.  Rob will try to interview them. Actually so would any other member of LARPBook.

Of course, traders being who they all have their own things to say. Which is good. That’s the whole point of interview.

So with Rob’s usual stuttery approach, we end with 3 very different conversations. After all, they are 3 very different larp traders.

These interviews were recorded on the Monday morning of ‘Curious Pastimes – The Siege of Ravenburg’. Pretty much one after the other.

Rob Interviewed

Ian Knope of Having A Larp. The talk went beyond larp trading as Ian also runs LarpCon and the UK Larp Awards. You’ll hear plenty about these.

Andy Rimmer of Offa Studio. Offa Studio is part of the Skian Mhor family and you’ll get to hear about that family of amazing makers. Rob’s wandered to the dead character discount. Which is perhaps one good thing that can come out of the worst thing.

Tristan Dowrick of Stardust Larpcraft. We’ve interviewed Tristan before – this is one from What’s Your Game. This time you’re going to see his Booth Babe dance and also some new products he’s been working on.

The Interviews

Ian Knope

Andy Rimmer

Tristan Dowrick

Thank You

We’d like to finish up by saying a big thank you to all three.

The Photo for this post

We couldn’t show a traders stand without showing favouritism. So instead we have a shrine at Curious Pastimes. If you’d like more photos from this event then take a look at Robs new photo page – starting at The Siege of Ravenburg

Fool & Heroes: Springfest 2019

Fool & Heroes: Springfest 2019

Fools & Heroes is a long running British Larp. In fact it is one of the longest running larps in the UK. It dates back to 1986! For a UK game it also has an unusual structure. Its federated into 21 branches. Making it a very easy game to find. You are never that far from a Fools & Heroes game.

Each branch also organises their own events. In the UK there is almost always someone playing Fools & Heroes on a weekend.

Fools & Heroes has two major national events. Springfest (at the start of May) and Sumerfest (at the end of August).

John Harding went to Springfest and recorded these videos for us. We get great insight into his journey and the game itself

Springfest Part 1: The Journey

Not all trips to a larp are straightforward. This one looks like an adventure that tested patience and endurance. I’d like to put forward the idea that the journey is important. A good trip helps us transition in and out the game. Although this one looks more like a test of the soul.

Springfest Part 2: The Event

Now we get to learn about and see Springfest. Starting with a look at his camping arrangements before moving on to the game itself. This video is part heartfelt diary and part a peek at the Springfest game play itself.

Thanks to John Harding

We’d like to thank John for creating these. [You can see more of his larp videos if you click here. ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=em00RKc_5aw&

Interviews at Curious Pastimes 2019: Event 1

Interviews at Curious Pastimes 2019: Event 1

The Siege of Ravenburg was a busy event. A packed plot with some fantastic set piece battles.  It was also the start of a project to unveil more about this larp.

For this event the tool of choice was the interview. Here’s why.

I wanted to get a bit more behind the game. To gain a better understanding of both players and crew. Talking to people is a great way to to do that.

This is the first set of interviews. There is a second set coming in a later post. The second post will be coversation with traders at the event.

Lets get on with the interviews.


A lot of people know Matthew. He’s a familiar face behind the bar of the of the Crimson Moon. Which pretty much makes him well known UK wide in LARP circles. This year (2019), see’s a change in both how the bar at Curious Pastimes works, and in the operation of the Crimson Moon.

Matthew takes place to explain this and also Duntabbin.

Oh and we froth (more than a little).


Pixie has played with Curious Pastimes for most of his life. Starting as a junior and moving on to the adult game, He’s currently part of the games crew. This interview is a wonderful honest appraisel of what it is like to be both a player and a crew member. Part of this interview may involve time travel.


Stuart is a game ref at Curious Pastimes. So we take the opportunity to find out how a referee actually performs their role.  Its a good insight into operations at CP.

Also a tip here on anyone who wants to get involved behind the scenes. One that holds up for most larps.


She started as a player and later moved on to playing a specific character within the game. A change in health prompted her change in play. You’ll learn about it during the interview.

It’s good to know that even if you change then larp offers more than one way of playing.


Kim has played Curious Pastims over a quite a few years. This means she’s seen changes in game mechanics. In this interview we learn a lot about what changes in mechanics mean to the players.

This is also the only interview where immersion takes over and the players moves naturally to being in character.

Order of Interviews

The order of the interview is not the original filming order. What I’ve tried to is move from game support, into crew roles and then into character and player roles.  The aim being to make this a more interestin cross section for the reader.

Curious Pastimes 2019 Event 1 Diaries

Curious Pastimes 2019 Event 1 Diaries

This Years Objectives at Curious Pastimes

LARPBook spends quite a lot of time at Curious Pastimes. We’re there for at least two events. Staying for about 4 nights each time. This is fantastic as it offers us the time to do more with our coverage. In 2018 we put a focus on a family that larps. In 2019 its going to be more about the unseen heroes of larp. All those people that work to make the event great. A good larp is a bit like a Swan or an Iceberg. You only see the face that the game shows its players. Underneath there is a vast body of people supporting it. Often pedalling like crazy to make sure the right things happen at the right time in the right place. This means that in our diaries you’ll get a bit more of a mention for the people behind the game. They’ll also be popping up in photographs and videos as well. The aim – to make 2019 we celebrate the year of the people who make larps work.

Event 1

These diaries cover Curious Pastimes Event 1 – The Siege of Ravenburg. This ran on the 3rd – 6th May 2019.

The Extra Diary

We try to publish diaries during a long event. This one was held back. Partially so that I could raise the point that the people who run larps are great. Also it mentions the great surprise of this event. In game Trebuchet.

LARP Refs in Sync

Before I put the videos up as I want a special mention for th Trebuchet. These were a great example of larp referees working as a team. The very simple description for how this worked is. A referee monitoring the Trebuchet would determine where a shot would land in game. Then by radio contact the appropriate ref for that in game area. This would lead to the area ref applying the results of the hit in game. Sounds simple, but it worked. In the main battles this was combined with pyrotechnics. So now you actually felt those big Trebuchet hits landing. That was spectacular.

The Extra Diary – Video


Robs Videos Diaries (in Order)

This Posts Image

Is of one of the LARP Trebuchet used in this event.
Larp Tankard Review

Larp Tankard Review

Tankards are essential immersive drinking vessel for a good many larps. The good news is that we’ve found a great tankard.

The video has all the information you need to know about these. The quick version is:

  1. They are stainless steel and dishwasher proof
  2. These tankards are double walled and insulated.
  3. Because they are double walled that means they are well suited to both hot and cold drinks
  4. The cover is custom and made of leather. It pops off when the tankard needs cleaning.

The Tankard Review Video

A little tankard history

I bought one of these at Curious Pastimes Renewal last year. I have a long history of buying, losing and even disintegrating tankards. I did have a need for a drinking vessel, but my bad track record was holding me back.

Eventually need overcame nervous and I bought one with a nice fleur-de-lys design. It was the last one at Stardust Larpcraft

We went to the bar and it did its job well.

Later that event the heavens opened. It rained and rained. Feeling as if the event was at the wrong end of a dragons urinal.

So we headed for a tent to record a video and have a cuppa. I only had the tankard on me, so I used it and it worked as promised. No lips burning on hot metal and my coffee stayed warm.

We met up with Stardust Larpcraft again. This time at What’s Your Game in Gloucester. Saw the tankards again and this time decided that they would be great as a team tankard.

The Making of our Tankards

This all happened through Facebook Messenger. We’d ask a question. Stardust would answer it. They’d ask for something and we’d answer.
It was all very easy and amiable.

There were no nasty surprises.

Making it easy to recommend both Stardust Larpcraft, and our shiny new tankards.

The John Harding Interview

The John Harding Interview

John Harding works in media. He’s a pro-wrestler and he has a larp YouTube Channel. We’re also going to be working with John collaboratively on promoting and creating videos. It’s going to be an exciting time for us. This Interview ran live on 24th April 2019 at approx 15:30 UK time. Just so you can put some context into when it came out. I had a great time talking to John. He’s got some interesting plans for this season and I can’t wait to see them come to fruition.
We had a few quality problems on this one, My apologies for that.  

Watch Johns Larp Videos

Northern Kingdoms: A Witcher Larp Interview

Northern Kingdoms: A Witcher Larp Interview

We were lucky to get an interview with Simon Deacon. The creator of the new Northern Kingdoms Witcher Larp. There’s been some buzz on this one. It was nominated for a UK Larp Award; and we’ve had a bunch of people telling us how good it is.

This made me keen to find out more.

Sadly this particular interview was beset by technical issues. I can only issue my apologies for these.

To make up we’d like to offer an open invitation to Simon and Northern Kingdoms to come back at any time to talk more about the larp.

The Interview

To learn more about Northern Kingdoms. Here is their Facebook Group:


The photo used for this post comes from the Larp Photographer Kren Cooper

Tank Larp – The Interview

Tank Larp – The Interview

Tank Larp is a recent addition to our larp profiling section. It’s something I’ve been fascinated by and was delighted when we had a chance to run a video and learn more about it.

It’s a fascinating sounding game. A true mashup of genres. And of course, it features armoured vehicles and tank battles. 

I think its made the child in every larper I know squeal. 

The Video

Tank Larp Links

If after this you want to know more then here are the links you need.




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