For Stuart’s full review of this LARP dagger, you should refer to our video on YouTube.

Here’s the review:

I agree with everything Stuart says. He nailed this review!

Here I want to add a few thoughts of my own and some pictures for you. Let’s start with photos of this dagger to go with the video

Photos of the Dagger

The Bone Handle

Unusually for a LARP Dagger, this one has a handle made of bone. Taylor’d Weapons aren’t the first people to do this. What I want to do is talk about what that handle does to the dagger.

The Immersion Bonus

Yes, it is the “I” word. Bone handles have been on knives for thousands for years and are still sold today. I’ve handled this dagger and that handle does something. It adds an air of realism to the weapon. I find this hard to define, but the weight, hardness and shape of it make this LARP dagger feel more real.

For me, this is an immersive design, and I like things that help immersion

Is it Safe?

The handle is hard. The pommel is soft latex and foam. I think the chance of it injuring you in a fall is low. Although, I can imagine an extreme worst-case scenario where the bone splinters into sharp edges. That’s going to be enough to get it banned in some larps.

But not all.

Larp safe is a set of common ideas but not an absolute standard.

What constitutes a LARP safe weapon varies between larps. That’s appropriate. We must always think about the style of play, the player base, the environment and local culture when defining what is LARP safe.

This means that LARP safe isn’t just about the weapon. It’s also about the context it is used in.

Thinking back to my own experience would I use it? In a smaller LARP that wasn’t hugely physical, absolutely yes. In the chaos of a mass battle in a fest LARP? Probably not.

If you buy one of these then be aware that it is novel. A LARP may ban it, but that does not mean that it is not a good dagger.

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