Larpbook Show LARP

LARPBook Show Episode 68: The Musical

Rob has toothache, Thom has a migraine. Stu manfully starts the show and gets a conversation going with Ryan Hart or Sinking Ship Creations. Luke joins the show and then brings his daughter on to talk about their Curious Pastimes experience

LARPBook Show Episode 67: Dragon Thrones

Episode 67. Rob is stuck somewhere on the M4. Thom have a thing to do. So Stu and Luke interview Evan from Game Theatre. The results are… (no spoilers you’ll have to watch)

LARPBook Show Episode 66: “Merican Wasteland Y’all”

We interview James Snyder about Merican Wasteland, Also one of our better discussions, and news of three events we’ll be attending over then next month.

LARPBook Show Episode 65: Lukes Bell End

Its Episode 65. We have a prize draw, a wonderful guest in Ryan Hart. But watch out Rob explains why our international guests are often an hour late.

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