This is my second one-day event of 2019.  Day events are something I wanted to cover more this year. They give that good larp kick, but over a shorter period. I’m not going to say more or less intense. That’s not true. Day events are just shorter than Weekend events.

Originally I had an incredible time at Tenement 67  and not again a different but also a fabulous time at Forest Argent.

Longtime readers or listeners might recognise that name. Forest Argent is a favourite that I haven’t visited in a while. Going back was wonderful.

At the end of this post, there is a video diary.  Recorded on the way home it really sums up my feeling for the day.

Post Event Thoughts

I’m writing this one week after processing some photographs. A couple of things come to mind.

First of all, I think meeting for breakfast is a genius idea. It gives everyone a chance to talk in person and get easier with each other. Which is really useful as it makes the day larp approachable. I like that as I think the one-day commitment makes day larps ideal for larping newcomers. Indeed there were newcomers to larping here and I believe this helped

Having a good solid meal before larping is also a great idea.

There was a delay in starting due to logistics. This happens. But the more experience members made it all work out. Kudos all. Delays are common in all larps. Organising larpers and gear is a bit like herding cats. Any group that manages a delay well is good.  Also its a good measure of a club – established members know how to help. That’s a good club.

I have to restress the point in the video that the game pivoted around the players really well. Early on the players had a problem Something went badly for them. Things needed adjusting. Fortunately, Gideon, who runs Forest Argent has a strong eye for character design. He always understands how motivations for NPCs and players work. That means he adjusts plot well on the fly. I cannot stress how great this is. Especially on a day game where there is little room for downtime.

One final point is that the site which in this case Woodbury Common. It’s open public land. There were people there walking their dogs, or just enjoying being outside. Gideon makes sure that respect for this people is maintained. It’s also reciprocated back. Its heartening to see.

Finally was it fun? I’ve always had blast at Forest Argent weekend events. This one day game was no different. If you want some larping fun I can recommend.

Photographs from the day

Video Diary

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