The belt pouch – one of the most useful and used items of Fantasy Larp kit (other genres do exist). Rob takes a look at the merits of one he purchased from Skian Mhorr in the first of our long term reviews.

The Long Term Review

Here’s the idea we are going to build up a library of reviews of items that we have used for a little while. The idea is simple. How does that shiny looking thing perform over time? We aim to answer that question.

The Leather Belt Pouch

The video contains the meat of the review. The quickie review is:
It looks great, it’s sturdy, holds plenty and is a very high-quality item.


The Video Review

You’ll find the full review on our YouTube Channel. Here is the link :

Learn More About Skian Mhor

Take a look at their website:

Correction- Lamia Leather

I made a bit of mistake through all of this. I’ve mostly seen the guys working together and ended up saying Skian Mhor throughout at the review.

The pouch was of course made by Stephen of Lamia Leather.  So whilst I bought the pouch from a Skian Mhor stall – it is all Lamia Leather.

My apologies to everyone for this.

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