Larpbook has been around a number of years now and it’s been a while since we talked about the site. So it seems appropriate to talk about what it is now

You see in the beginning LARPBook was just a simple website. Nice and easy to read. Go to the site and read on. These days it has multiple components. Let’s chat about them.

This is where all of our longer-form articles are published. You’ll also links to every part of LARPBook. So think of this as the hub of the whole project. It’s also the main core some of out long term projects. Like listing information about LARP groups, or investigating hidden disabilities.

It doesn’t update as fast as we’d like but there is new material here every month.

Also if we go to a LARP this where you’ll find the best way to access or views, photographs and videos about it

We have our own notification system on this website. Whenever a new post is published a notification email goes out to subscribers.


All of our videos are here. At the time of writing, we have nearly 240 videos on here. This includes the video version of our original LARPBook show podcast, video diaries recorded at events and a plethora of LARP related interviews. You should consider this our long term video store. Every video we make is in this library, just waiting for you to view it. If you subscribe to us on YouTube you’ll get notifications of all new videos we load.


Is a busy place for us. This is why:

The Page

A Facebook public business page that we use to publish news and videos on. You’ll find that the bulk of our social media sharing goes on here. It’s a mixed bag of solid news and sharing of the just plain silly. Most our images from Instagram also end up here as well. In 2020 we’ve started putting all our videos directly into the page as well as YouTube. We find that video gets better short term distribution on Facebook, but is more readily found on YouTube in the long term. So we use both to maximise the output.

The Group

We also run a Facebook group. We post news of events and LARP humour here. In fact, we encourage everyone to do the same. We’d like to make this a place where people can discover larps and have a bit of fun. So go ahead – post and join in

Should we spot anything that looks like it should be on the Facebook page we will share directly from the Group to the Page


The youngest of our Social Media platforms. It’s full of LARP photography, conventions, memes and comic strips. We send images from here to both Facebook and Twitter. We’re starting to run hashtag series to group collections of shots. Take a look at #facesoflarpers.


Our Twitter has both a slightly different feel and also slightly different content to our Facebook page. Part of this comes from how we run our social media presences. Some of it comes from the practice of in-platform sharing. On Twitter we retweet tweets and on Facebook we tend to share Facebook posts. Our aim is to make sure that we don’t push you into a platform you are not on.

All of our articles and videos are listed on both platforms, so you’ll never miss out on our content.

And That is how LARPBook Works

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