Nerf Resources for LARP – Summer 2018

We asked for you help and we got it, As a result LARPBook now has a greatly improved listing of resources for players using nerf weapons

Creating Larp Atmosphere with Names

Taking a look at names as a tool for building a consistent world setting

Questions To Ask When Going To A LARP

Taking a look at practical considerations of attending a larp. What things do you need to know before attending. This post does not discuss larp specific information such as character design or knowing the rules. Instead it focuses on what common practical information (like where do I sleep) that you need to now so that the experience can be a good one.

Several Thoughts on The Cost of LARPs

Ok this came up in Facebook today and I'm posting it now as I think this could be a series of things to exam in 2017. The subject is the cost of larps. Historically event prices at LARPs (at least in the UK as these are the prices I know), have been generally quite...

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