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Nerf Resources for LARP – Summer 2018

We asked for you help and we got it, As a result LARPBook now has a greatly improved listing of resources for players using nerf weapons

Larptickets and LARPBook

Early on this year (back in the first week of January), larptickets.com opened its doors for the first time. It is the official ticket selling arm of Dziobak studios. LARPBook had a hand in its creation and I thought now might be a good time to talk about that. I've...

[StatusLARP] – Videos for LARP

My journey into StatusLarp started when Reno sent me a link to his Random Character Generator. So here is that video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SA1s9gSBaw&feature=youtu.be Yes it really is rolling up a character the old fashioned way (with dice). Yes it is...

Children’s LARPs – Europe

We've been exploring LARPs that focus on children recently. This is out third set of listings - this time covering organisations in continental Europe. Anecdotally we've heard of great things throughout Scandinavia and also the Netherlands. However for the purpose of...

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