So this is an interesting one. It’s a KickStarter that has the aim of building a facility to manufacturer “Change Blades”. Which are Larp  Safe weapons that can be broken down into components – such as Blade and Hilt or Blade and Pole or so on. The idea being that instead of owning individual weapons you buy the pieces you need to create a range of weapons.

That is an eye catching idea.

I’m also really happy to be able to say that the KickStarter page does into quite some details about construction, usage and safety. I think this is essential as I’m sure any approach like this will have many people wondering about safety when compared to more traditional weapon making techniques.

There are a number of weapons illustrated. Something about them makes me thing that they would be more suitable for the U.S. rather than by comparison. But I must stress this is just a personal reaction to the look of the weapons. Someone else may have an entirely different point of view.

One idea does come instantly to mind. This could be a very good idea for clubs. Where a stock of parts can equip crew with long swords for one encounter, naginata for another and quarterstaff for another all using the same items. That really could be very useful indeed.

If you’d like to learn more – then click here for the link.



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