My journey into StatusLarp started when Reno sent me a link to his Random Character Generator. So here is that video!

Yes it really is rolling up a character the old fashioned way (with dice). Yes it is a lot of fun. Useful – potentially but I think that depends entirely on your game. And also if you really want a disposable fantasy character – awesome. I mention the disposable character as something that is created as an emergency fill in (for example death of a venerated character at a fest event), but when roll played takes on a life of its own. Here its not the generation process that matters – its what you do with it afterwards. So you know – no way am I knocking a random character generator. Also I now want to play a sweater knitting dwarf.

The Random Character Generator is the largest part of [StatusLARP] as I write. Its part of a playlist that is 54 vids long.

That in itself is an achievement. Although not the end of things. There are quite a few other uploads in this channel. Fun things like larp songs and practical things like using leather layers and thonging.

All in all a fun channel. Yes I have subscribed – which means there is a good chance of seeing more from Reno on LARPBook.

Here are some  [StatusLARP] links for you

The Random Character Generator:

The [StatusLARP] Channel:




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