Tin Tin is a Swedish larper. This series of interviews features her talking to Stuart about the creation of a historical larp.You should note that these are all audio recordings despite being placed on YouTube (just for ease of streaming).

So do not worry if all you can see is our logo.The four parts are.

1. Vision

In this section Tin Tin talks about how she came up with the ideas for this larp. She also talks about why she wanted to write it in the first place.

2. Planning the Execution

Tin Tin explains how she documented the larps execution plan. This story is about a group of people waiting for someone at a coffee shop. Tin Tin wrote techniques that would help players to offer up a stories about the person they were waiting for. Creating this document became the plan on how to run the larp.

3. Story

In this section we talk about the main story-line and also how each character ties into the web of subplots between the cast of players in the larp.

4. Practical concerns

The conversation moves into the real world. We discuss the practicalities of finding a venue and how to keep the cost down to a minimum by asking players if they would be willing to contribute their skills in some way. I.E. someone baking all the cakes.

We’d like to thank Tin Tin for all her work in the production of this series. This is an important contribution to larpbook.

If you would like to do the same please get in touch with us. We’re always looking for new and interesting material.


The image used in this post is from Flickr user A Birkan CAGHAN. You can learn more about this picture and its licence here.

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