First a quick explanation. What’s Your Game is an annual larp equipment fair that runs every February in Gloucester.

The fair is hosted in the thirteenth century Blackfriars priory.   A number of modern buildings have been also been  built at the site. The fair uses both the old and new. Which is sort of nice as you wander between different architectural periods as you look at different types of equipment. Something that is added to by its higgledy piggledy layout. Several different buildings, interconnecting rooms that are all spread over several floors.  So if you want to see everything you kind of have to explore and quest a bit.

The majority of the goods offered cater to the UKs massive fantasy larp scene – but if you look there are all kinds of little gems. For me that was getting a chance to try out an absolutely massive steam punk ‘beam’ rifle. This thing was huge ,all brass, leather, wood and valves. It vibrated as it built up charge to fire and had a wonderful heft when shouldered.

But I digress. Let me explain our coverage of this event.

What follows is a photo gallery. Its not that large as the nature of the venue didn’t really lead itself to photography of the stalls. However we do have a lot video material, that as  I write is in processing. All being well there are going to be some fun interviews and sequences to watch.

The big question is would I go again. Absolutely I would. Great demonstrations and lots of fun and interesting people to talk to. Lets also not forget the kit – the quality was as ever awesome.

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