Curious Pastimes Renewal 2018 Photographs

Curious Pastimes Renewal 2018 Photographs

Part 1

It’s part 1 as this is part 1 of our photograph and general coverage of this years Renewal event by Curious Pastimes. It’s part 1 because we wanted to do things a little differently. Mostly when we cover a larp there is a collection of photographs and videos. This time we set ourselves a goal. We wanted to document a family at a UK fest larp. Our thoughts on this were simple. Using fly on the wall techniques we wondered what it would be like to follow a family who have never larped as a family at an event.

This created a whole of material.

At this point of writing we are still working our way through all the material we’ve collected. At this point I can most definitely say that you will be getting some great photos; a insight into a childrens linear and some footage of the family talking that is both insightful and hilarious.

This Post Is Not About the Family

As I mentioned we are working on the family footage. This instead is a more of a traditional wandering camera’s eye view of Renewal 2018. It’s picture of other people and scenes at the event. It’s closer to one of our more traditional photo galleries.

Closer because this timne I’ve scattered more behind the scenes shots than I normally would. Although the larp in action style of photography is great, perhaps it is time to look behind the veil more often. So I think that starting with Renewal I’ll be looking to do more of this. Show the product and what happens to make it happen.

Thoughts on this years Renewal

I think this years game stood out on production standards. The physical build was immense this time around. A library complex, a senate building, pillars, statues. There were more items of architectural significance than I have seen in recent years. It felt as if someone just wanted to up the proudction standards. Of course games like this are not just about production standards. Its about the atmosphere and despite terrible weather on the Sunday I think Curious Pastimes pulled it off. The opening was original, and had everyone asking questions and wondering what was going on. This combined nicely with sets that had been built to create a fresh atmosphere.

So top marks on keeping the feeling of originality going.


I’d just like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone we talked to at the event. You were all marvellous. Pleas give yourselves a clap on the back and thank you.



The Gallery

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What’s Your Game Kit Fair – 2017

What’s Your Game Kit Fair – 2017

First a quick explanation. What’s Your Game is an annual larp equipment fair that runs every February in Gloucester.

The fair is hosted in the thirteenth century Blackfriars priory.   A number of modern buildings have been also been  built at the site. The fair uses both the old and new. Which is sort of nice as you wander between different architectural periods as you look at different types of equipment. Something that is added to by its higgledy piggledy layout. Several different buildings, interconnecting rooms that are all spread over several floors.  So if you want to see everything you kind of have to explore and quest a bit.

The majority of the goods offered cater to the UKs massive fantasy larp scene – but if you look there are all kinds of little gems. For me that was getting a chance to try out an absolutely massive steam punk ‘beam’ rifle. This thing was huge ,all brass, leather, wood and valves. It vibrated as it built up charge to fire and had a wonderful heft when shouldered.

But I digress. Let me explain our coverage of this event.

What follows is a photo gallery. Its not that large as the nature of the venue didn’t really lead itself to photography of the stalls. However we do have a lot video material, that as  I write is in processing. All being well there are going to be some fun interviews and sequences to watch.

The big question is would I go again. Absolutely I would. Great demonstrations and lots of fun and interesting people to talk to. Lets also not forget the kit – the quality was as ever awesome.

Curious Pastimes – Renewal 2016 Photo Gallery

Curious Pastimes – Renewal 2016 Photo Gallery

We spent a bit of time with Curious Pastimes this bank holiday (August 2016). We came away with a wealth of recordings, videos and photographs.

We’re not going to review the event as due to health issues and work commitments that wasn’t really possible this year. However a later article will go into a lot more detail about what we learned and saw. This isn’t the place for that discussion as this is our main photograph gallery for that event.

So sit back and enjoy the photographs, of Curious Pastimes in their 20th year.

The World Went Dark – Event 2 PhotoGallery

The World Went Dark – Event 2 PhotoGallery

These photos cover the UK Post-Apocalyptic larp The World Went Dark – Out Of The Frying Pan. All of the images are by the talented Charlotte Moss – there will be links to her websites at the end.

Although I haven’t been to an event myself yet I am incredibly impressed by the enthusiasm and work that goes through the World Went Darks Facebook Group. It is full of discussion on both the props that make the world and the inspirations behind it. Read the group and you are left in no doubt about the thinking behind the game.

Here then are the photos.


All these images come from  This  Charlotte (Charlie) Moss’s larp photography site. It is well worth a visit and if you like an image you can buy. The section dedicated to the second World Went Dark site is here. You’ll find more images if you like what you see here.

Also consider supporting Charlie on Patreon.

Twilight Realms: Domination Photo Gallery

Twilight Realms: Domination Photo Gallery

I attended “Domination” as a referee and this means that I cannot review this game as I am far too close to it. If any of the players want to add comments on what it was like, or to add their own review then that would be great.

First a bit of background. About 4 years ago Twilight Realms finished its Tempress campaign after a 1o year run. It was a game in which players both controlled nations as Kings and ministers in a time of great political change. It wasn’t all high level politics as included were events where players campaigned as heroes fighting the odds and even spin off tales.

In all it was great fun but all good things come to an end.

That is until they receive a reboot. Domination is the first of a new series of games that picks up the pieces 10 years on.

These photos are all from the second day of that event and I hope you enjoy them.

If you’d like to know more about Twilight Realms and Tempress they have a Facebook group:


The World Went Dark – Photo Gallery

The World Went Dark – Photo Gallery

Welcome to the future. A dangerous and post-apocalyptic future. The World Went Dark is a UK larp that takes its inspirations from Mad Max, Waterworld, The Book of Eli and so on. Gas Masks are a mandatory part of the costume. You should note that the gas masks are not just for look and feel or part of the necessary kit to survive this world. They are there to protect you as this is one of the increasing number of games that uses airsoft guns as a method of resolving ranged combat. Its nice that the protection for airsoft is written into the game itself. It’s good for immersion.

This gallery was taken during event 1 “The Signal”.  Event 2 is later this year.


The photos in this gallery and the title picture used in this post were all taken by the talented Charlotte Moss. You can learn more about her work at    If you’d like to help Charlotte take her LARP photography further then take a look at her Patreon page:



A LARP Photo Gallery for 2015

A LARP Photo Gallery for 2015

At this time of year it is traditional to look back on the year. What better way to do this than with a good collection of photographs – and I do have a good collection for you. In fact several. I’d originally planned to do a series of galleries for the year end but then realised between some profiles and club information we could have a series of galleries all making a different point and the editor in me liked that a lot. So look out for another amazing set of photographs soon.

In the meantime here are some thoughts on 2015. The UK Larpcon at the start of the year reminded me how wonderful UK larp culture is. I’ll be back there in 2016.  It was also the year that I decided to start going back to camping events. I’ve bought in more camping gear since then and sense an improved tent by March. I’ve also learned the value of day events and started to join in with more groups. It’s also been year where the combination of health problems and age have really caused me some problems. So 2016 will start with a long term health plan to get me into better shape. I’ll also need to be building in some aids into how I play. I’ll talk about these in over the next year as disability in  larp is an important topics.

2015 will also go down I thing when we in the Larp community started to really understand that our hobby is in a state of expansion. It will be interesting to see what happens as the larp bubble grows.

Here at last are the photographs


All of these photographs come from the talented Tom Garnett and are posted with his permission. I would strongly recommend that you take a look at his work – and perhaps talk to him nicely to photograph your event. He’s a wonder artist and man. You can see more of his work at:

The LARP Photography of Tom Garnett

The LARP Photography of Tom Garnett

I’ve been aware of Tom Garnett and his work for some time now. Though I never had the good fortune to actually meet him until this years LARP awards. I was trying to photograph a rather magnificent falcon and my trusty old DSLR jammed. Tom tried to help me out. Thanks Tom!

Tom and his camera are a well known sight at good many LARPs. In this gallery I’m trying to give you an idea of both his work and also just how good some UK Larps actually look these days. I’ve done by taking 20 photos from his portfolio. These encompass several different game genres. I’ll have to admit to focussing in on the parts of Toms work that look more than a little cinematic. That’s just a little personal bias stepping in.

I have to add that all these photos are by Tom Garnett.

If you’d like to learn more about his work please take a look at his portfolio at:

The LARPs these images come from are:

  • Empire Spring Equinox
  • Pioneers Larp – Sector 3
  • Dark Colony – Songs of Distant Earth
  • Fall of Vulsoria – Erusin
  • Serenity -Junk’et

And – with Toms permission – I’m hoping to cover more of his work in the future.

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