Drachenfest is one of the big German LARP events and is amongst the list of worlds biggest LARP events.  Drachenfest is based around the simple idea that each year the supporters of the worlds dragons gather determine which dragon should dominate the world. Plot may not be the biggest thing in Drachenfest but that doesn’t mean to say its not a good event.

If you would like to learn more then Ivan Zelac has written a good article summarising a trip to both Drachenfest and ConQuest.  You can read his article here: http://www.larping.org/larp-trip-drachenfest-mythodea/

He’s also given me permission to publish his pictures of Drachenfest 2012 – I’ve selected 20 images here for you to view, also here is a link to his complete gallery for the event: https://plus.google.com/photos/115392565989633929704/albums/5773425522237475825?banner=pwa

I’ve been selective partially as these were my favourite images but also because of the architecture. I was mightily impressed by the quality and scale of the buildings, walls and camps. Drachenfest looks like it has a true sense of scale. It looks as if a lot of time goes into making the camps look good. When a sense of something is conveyed by pictures it is only good to remark on it and look at it.

I hope you enjoy these images and also go on to look at the full set.

Most of the photos don’t have captions – if you think of a good one let me know and it may well get added – but keep it clean please

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