Not so long ago I answered a post on the Google+ LarpCraft community that was looking for ideas on races. Nothing more – just a call for race ideas. I like character races and cultures. They are good anchors to build solid characters from. If you know where someone comes from you have a great basis for building a way of playing them. So I answered with some outline ideas that were quite well received.

I then realised that it might be a good idea to release them here – for anyone to use in any game. Putting out ideas into the community is one of the things I wanted to achieve when starting Larpbook. This seems like one way of achieving that.

The races don’t have names – when I created them I didn’t know anything about how they were going to be used – the same is true now so names have not been added. I’m putting the posts out without edit or amendment leaving them as blocks to be built on.


First – A Race of Thieves

How about this – they have no idea of private property. In their native region they all take freely from each other. As a result they are skilled in pick-pocketing, sleight of hand and hiding things. They don’t like locks and feel these are an evil affront and feel they are doing a public service by picking or destroying them. These are not an evil race and are deeply honourable – especially when it comes to looking after family and friends. Just don’t expect them to able to resist ‘collecting’ anything

Now A Race of Brains

One more idea for an intellectual race – a race of aquatic beings who can walk on land for short periods providing they drink plenty and keep washing heads and limbs. Living underwater with no fire and different set of technology they’ve focussed on Wisdom, philosophy, logic and thinking. They tend to look down on machinery and tools as being unnatural extensions

Let me know if you use them in a game. It’d be good to follow up on this

The picture used in this post is done so under Creative Commons Licensing. More details here:


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