Player reactions to Zimograd so far have been quite positive. You can read most of them on Facebook event page as they are in English. A special post which is certainly worth checking is the diary of Maverick Metzgerei, an in-character view of the events on Zimograd from a quite unique perspective…

crolarp - Zimograd

Left: Farkas Dávid aka Dregar as Maverick Metzgerei – author of the aforementioned in-character diary
Right: Mesterházi Sándor aka Kildar as Johann Eckbert Hebenstreit – organizer of Chronicles of Demgard larp

Another review of Zimograd has become available on Larp Hrvatska blog, by Zvonimir, who (largely) played the Or-tuk by the name of Mit-or-ya. If you don’t speak Croatian, Google translated version retains enough of the original’s meaning to be largely understandable.

crolarp - Zimograd


And, some non-Zimograd related news. Zagreb is full of snow. There hasn’t been this much snow for as long as I can remember (and longer… apparently this is the most snow we had in 60 years). It keeps on falling. So Krvomeđe which was supposed to happen this Sunday has been postponed for a week. That means that we’ll have 2 larps that weekend: Carmen SF larp on Sat 26th, and Krvomeđe fantasy battlegame on Sun 27th. With my Zimograd talk on SRP that same week (on Thursday 24th) it’s gonna be a larp-rich week. Yay!

And now a special bonus – remember our last month’s interview with Rick Wynne? The upcoming Empire larp (by Profound Decisions in UK) has released a trailer (you can also see Rick as an extra in a couple of scenes). Looks incredibly awesome so far, with top notch costuming and decor:

From an Original Post by Ivan Zalac:

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