The Grange Live Gaming – Bravo One

The Grange Live Gaming – Bravo One

We were invited to visit The Grange Live Gaming in Birmingham. Not an opportunity we were going to miss; so on Sunday Stuart, Luke and Rob set off with Lukes daughter to take a look.

What we found was worth the trip (South Wales to Birmingham UK – not Alabama).

In the centre of Birmingham (and I do mean the centre) we found a larp and gaming centre that was operational across a number of floors and also in construction for 2 more. The first thing we all latched onto was the potential of the place, which is enormous. The gaming areas are on 5 floors of what would have been factory / warehouse space. It lends itself to being dressed as sets and that is exactly what is going on. The floors under construction gave us the size of the place. Those outfitted for gaming – gave us the realisation. Using simple wooden walls the team at the Grange have built configurable game spaces. Simply put the walls can be moved or even decorated to specification. You want simple walls and a maze to run around in – no problem. You want to design something more specific, that is possible. It becomes a question of planning and resourcing.

Right now plans for some specific designs are afoot. Such as a run down indoor fun fair. In place already are hospital beds and some old bits of medical machinery that may have once been surgical drain units. Creepy and very Silent Hill.

One feature that caught my attention were the security cameras. Yes these are for safety monitoring, but they can be brought in game. Which means if your game requires players to monitor a security feed – they really can do it. If you want your ref team to monitor the game – that can happen to. There is also the possibility of taking security footage after the event for promotional and documentary purposes. For me – it’s the in game stuff that excites. Whether its for the refs or players (or both); I love the idea of video monitoring. For the players it’s more immersion and for the refs its monitoring and being able to react to events without standing over the players shoulders. That too makes it a more real experience for the players.

There was something else that the ref in me liked too. The ability to build walls means that rooms and corridors can be hidden. Not in a maze like fashion. More in a this part of the facility is for crew only fashion. Remove the openness of the great outdoors, build the walls yourself and now the ability to have crew move from hidden crew rooms and through secret passageways. This caught the attention of the horror larp writer in me.

In fact this whole place is great for modern day, SF and horror larp.

It’s also nerdy inclusive. Which means a range of pursuits such as larp, airsoft, archery, hema, tabletop games and so on are all supported here. Its possibly Birmingham nerd central.

Any downsides? Just the one and I do not think it is a deal breaker. The site is not polished in a mainstream kind of way. Its bohemian and industrial in a larper kind of way.

If you haven’t guessed it – I love the place. Dale and Stephen whom we met were incredibly friendly and helpful. The venue is just one big pile of larping potential.

The good thing is that you do not have to take my word for it. While we were there we took quite a few photographs and a couple of videos. These are up next.

The Photo Gallery

Hopefully we’ve captured the feel of the place.

Interview With Dale

This first video is an interview with Dale. If you’re running a larp it is likely that you will be liaising with Dale over how you use The Grange Live Gaming.

Luke in the Rage Room

During the last few episodes of the LARPBook show Luke experienced some issues with his computer. This had hilarious results (here are the shows on youtube. Look at episodes 51.

The good news for Luke is that The Grange Live Gaming has a rage room. He used it to take vengeance on an unsuspecting computer.

Want to get in touch with The Grange Live Gaming?



We all hope this site goes from strength to strength. We’ll be back there to report on or play in a game. I see trips to Birmingham in our future.

The World Went Dark – Event 2 PhotoGallery

The World Went Dark – Event 2 PhotoGallery

These photos cover the UK Post-Apocalyptic larp The World Went Dark – Out Of The Frying Pan. All of the images are by the talented Charlotte Moss – there will be links to her websites at the end.

Although I haven’t been to an event myself yet I am incredibly impressed by the enthusiasm and work that goes through the World Went Darks Facebook Group. It is full of discussion on both the props that make the world and the inspirations behind it. Read the group and you are left in no doubt about the thinking behind the game.

Here then are the photos.


All these images come from  This  Charlotte (Charlie) Moss’s larp photography site. It is well worth a visit and if you like an image you can buy. The section dedicated to the second World Went Dark site is here. You’ll find more images if you like what you see here.

Also consider supporting Charlie on Patreon.

South Wales Pirate Festival Gallery – 2016

South Wales Pirate Festival Gallery – 2016

We’ve been talking about Pirate Festivals quite a bit in the last year. This isn’t a review. It is more what we saw. We’ll probably do a longer piece later. Right now though this is what it looked like.

In case you are wondering why re-enactment is in Larpbook – here’s why. A pirate festival is a gathering of pirate reenactment fans, people who like to dress up as pirates and people who like to play roles. The day features a plot line. Mostly expressed as short re-enactment scenes. However there is scope between these for direct roleplay with the public. You almost see events like these as gateways to larp. Maybe even larp lite. As there are moments when the plot escapes the limitations of controlled re-enactment area and wanders free.

Here are the Pictures


Here is the Video

Hardenstein – LARP Character Shoot by Kamerakata

Hardenstein – LARP Character Shoot by Kamerakata

Ralf Hüls recently contacted me asking to contribute 8 photographs from a character shoot to LARPBook. I saw the pictures and could not resist. They were both well shot and full of character.  I also liked the costumes.

The images themselves are all Creative Commons licensed and you can view them, licensing material and model releases on WIkimedia:

Ralf is also very happy for this images to be used by others. All he asks is that he is given credit and gets to know about the usage.

You can learn more about his work and see some additional galleries at:

And if the name Kamerakata sounds familiar – well I have used some of his open source pictures before in LARPBook. All via Flickr.


UK Cowboy LARP – The Good, The Bad and the Dead

UK Cowboy LARP – The Good, The Bad and the Dead

The Good, the bad and the dead run Wild West themed LARPs and I was recently offered the chance to put up a gallery of the photos from their Facebook group. It was a chance I couldn’t resist.

The group play in Deadwood Town – which looks to me to be quite a site. Take a look at it :

If you’d like to know more about The Good, The Bad and the Dead here are links to their Facebook Group and Web Page

So before the pictures what do I think? Well I think I’d like to crew one of these to get a feel for things. It looks good.


Photo Gallery – Terra Nova – Rise of Rashalan

Rise of Rashalan was recently run 1 day Larp in Zagreb. The game was combat and undead centric. Notably a professional makeup artist was available to make things look good. This turned out to be highly effective.

You can can see the good makeup to good effect in this web album.

Link to Rise of Rashalan Web Album

From a personal perspective I’ll have to say that having some one who knows what they doing apply your makeup makes all the difference.  Good makeup helps with immersion and can greatly aid playing a character,

Photo Gallery: Mythlore 2013

Photo Gallery: Mythlore 2013

I recently published news of Mythlore being confirmed for 2014

The good news is that the organisers also gave me permission to publish these images of Mythlore 2013.

Looking at these it seems to me that that there is a high degree of attention to detail in this game. This bears out in players reviews too which highly praise the game, I’m planning on going to the 2014 game so I’ll hopefully be reporting in person next year,

Empire Photograph Album

Empire Photograph Album

This is our second post to cover the recent Empire LARP event, this is deserving as it is looking as if Profound Decisions have a hit on their hands and that they will continue to grow. If you have an opinion about this event I’d love to hear it.


This gallery is courtesy of Martin Jones

The Feature Image is courtesy of Adam Schemanoff

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