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Cyberpunk Larp: United We Stand

United We Stand is a cyberpunk larp that ran on the 10th March 2018 at Bravo One in Birmingham (UK). This isn't a review - its more of a gallery with event information. When Roberto from the event asked us if he could submit an event gallery; well  I jumped at the...

The Look of LARP: 2017

We polled the larp community to try and find out how larps looked in 2017. This is the result…

LARP Images from Spring 2017

We asked the LARPBook community for their larp photographs from Spring 2017. They did not disappoint as these four quite different galleries prove.

Forest Argent – Convergence 2017 – and Photo Gallery

At the end of May 2017 I was lucky enough to once again meet up with the people of Forest Argent. Before I talk about the event I'll just explain what Forest Argent. Its a small larp based in the South West of the UK. Single day events are regular (a couple of times a...

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