Cyberpunk Larp: United We Stand

Cyberpunk Larp: United We Stand

United We Stand is a cyberpunk larp that ran on the 10th March 2018 at Bravo One in Birmingham (UK). This isn’t a review – its more of a gallery with event information. When Roberto from the event asked us if he could submit an event gallery; well  I jumped at the chance and we now have a great gallery and some more information for you. I’ll start with the visuals, before moving to the event background and news of another larp later this year.

The Gallery

About United We Stand

This is a Broken Dream Larp. Broken Dreams have been assembling some powerful and interesting larps. Right one The Quota is has broken into mainstream press coverage in the UK. Look to the end of this article for a links section. United We Stand is the first Tenement 67 game from this group. Tenement 67 are cyperpunk games. Here’s an official description of the setting for this event.

It’s December 2039, the general strike against corporate employment is now in full effect. In Tower One the intra block media network pushes the corporate agenda, these strikers are criminals who have taken over and over again but refuse to give back by simply doing their jobs. The board rooms have been left with no choice but to authorise the deployment of Heinreiter mediators to resolve the dispute by any means necessary.


If it was not for the daily rallies and support meet ups you’d think nothing was going on in the Tenements, gangs still via for control of ever smaller territory, the stim still flows and the beats keep on pounding.


Ever vigilant the Humanitarian Workers Union are watching the shadows for Fixers, Heinreiter filth and the worst of all scabs and turncoats. With tensions high there have been instances of violence against the wrong parties and backlashes by threatened Fixers. It isn’t the revolution they wanted but it’s the one the Union is getting.


As a Union rally gathers for days protest unseen enemies circle in the crowd amongst those on the periphery just trying to get through the day. These are certainly uncertain times in the tenements and you don’t need to be one of the wise to notice things feel like they are about to kick off.

Learn More

If this whetted your appetite or you are just a little curious these are the links you need

Tenement 67: Tales from the Tenements Website

Broken Dreams Larp  – Facebook Page

Web Page for The Quota

Tenement 67 Event 3

If this has given you some enthusiasm for entering a cyberpunk world then you don’t have to wait too long for the next one. Event 3 – The Price we pay is scheduled for November 10th 2018. Bookings Open in April 2018 and the cost of the event is £45.


All photographs used in this article are copyright Ara McBay

The Look of LARP: 2017

The Look of LARP: 2017

Earlier in December (2017), we reached out to the LARP community for pictures of their events in 2017. The responses we received let to the galleries you’ll see in this post. My aim was to simply take an international cross section of how larps looked. I’ve been watching production values from players and organisers alike soar in recent years and thought it might be useful to compare the look of a few games from the same year against each other.

The names credited are those used to send photographs to us, They are not necessarily the names of the photographers or the subjects themselves. Also I’ve deliberately shied away from asking well known larp photographers for images simply because I wanted this to be a poll of the community. Rather than the curated view you’d get if I talked directly to people who focus on larp photography. I’m hoping this means the cross section you’re seeing is more varied than just by my taste alone.

Kamil Bartczak

Ar Argos – Stairway to Heaven

Jenimon O’Brian

Cheyenne Rain

Own work and Dizobak Studio, College of Wizardry


Camryn Elizabeth Santos

Gisido Larp

Runa Glacies

Rob Davies

LARP Images from Spring 2017

LARP Images from Spring 2017

We asked the LARPBook Community for photographs of events that occurred in the first part of 2017. They responded wonderfully – thank you – all of you. So here is a collection of galleries from the UK and USA that gives you a glimpse into what LARP looks like – the Spring collection

Gisido Larp from Ohio gave us free access to their pictures, They’re a very active group and although I’m not sure exactly which event these are from – I still think you’ll enjoy them.

Altered Reality LARP plays out of Oxfordshire in the UK. Their third event “Those Left Behind” was played in April. It’s a post-apoc game so a lot of these feature the survivors camp.

This collection comes from Susan Hathaway with images from the Fear of The Dark event – “Beltane”. The game was played out in scenic Mid Wales and set the thirteenth century.

If its cowboy action you want then Beth Dooner took these from the thirteenth “The Good, the Bad & the Dead” They are a UK group. Mostly playing out of Deadwood – in Sussex.


So that’s four different games over two different continents. I think we’ll keep doing this kind of gallery – and with luck get a glimpse of more games in more places in the future.

Forest Argent – Convergence 2017 – and Photo Gallery

Forest Argent – Convergence 2017 – and Photo Gallery

At the end of May 2017 I was lucky enough to once again meet up with the people of Forest Argent. Before I talk about the event I’ll just explain what Forest Argent. Its a small larp based in the South West of the UK. Single day events are regular (a couple of times a month) and throughout the year there are a goodly number of weekend events. Convergence 2017 is one of the longer weekenders played across the end of May bank holiday. I need to point you at the setting for the game. Players come from one of 5 distinct worlds where travel between these worlds is known and possible. This link takes you to the world overview. This matters as its going to have an impact on the rest of this piece.

The Event

Convergence is an annual event in the Forest Argent calendar. It both wraps up old plots and kicks off new ones. This year was going to be a bit of a doozy as authorities were catching up with some players whilst others had characters that had an opportunity to blossom; if they dared. This may sound as if there is no cohesive plot and perhaps a bit messy. The start did feel a bit like that however has events built up, interacted and collided that was replaced with a sense of doom and opportunity. Players were faced with consequences of actions and ideas where played out to create new direction. More of the game setting was fleshed out.

I like this kind of game. It’s a sandbox for ideas and plot.

In fact this is one of the things that I love about Forest Argent. Its possible to anything from a lilly white hero through to a crooked dastardly villain and still have a place in the game. It allows for quiet characters to carefully move their way through the world as easily as it allows foe big characters to become living legends.

I’m not going to recount plot(s) as that really doesn’t suit this review. I will talk about scenes as interesting things did happen.

The Scenes

Attitude to Slavery:  Member of one of the attending races – inspired by (Moorcocks Elric of Melnibone tales). decided to hold a slave market. First point of friction is that not all the characters believed in this but it went ahead through sheer force of will. What happened a little later though was something else. Somehow the slaver characters learned about pinatas. Took a human slave, forced that person to eat “prizes” and then proceeded to push other characters to beat this person to death. It was a disturbing part of the game. Yes some characters objected but what was interesting to see was how many would go along with it and then later suffer from the consequences of immoral action.

Faerie Folk: A key theme in Forest Argent is that of fey folk. Not as described by Disney or the cuter end of pop culture; but as described in story and legend. In an earlier game the players had release something akin to a Boggart and now they were coming to torment the players. Played out a night in pitch darkness the crew in appropriately creepy masks and costume snuck around in the dark. Creeping up behind players, calling out to them, dragging them away and being that feared hand that stalks the night. Somebody said that this part of the game was genuinely creepy. The crew should take a pat on the back for that.

The Galvanic Zombies:  Imagine that you could use an electrical device to create zombies. Now imagine that the characters need that device. Fortunately the zombies were blind. Unfortunately they were attracted to sound. What followed was a long game of cat and mouse as the players attempted to turn off and secure the “galavanic” technology for themselves.


Do You Want To Know More?

If you’ve found this interesting. This is how to get hold of Forest Argent games

Just to clarify – Forest Argent is just one of the activities covered by Wyvernstales Larp.

20 Years of Curious Pastimes – The Slender Pictures  Documentary Series

20 Years of Curious Pastimes – The Slender Pictures Documentary Series

Last year we covered the 20th anniversay of Curious Pastimes. We weren’t the only ones doing this. Another of the regular documentors that go to their events is Slender Pictures. They took a whole lot of video.

One of the outcomes is a series of excellent short documentaries about Curious Pastimes and the people who larp in the UK. These were first released between the end of March and end of April 2017. We’ve had look at these and feel that they are an interesting resource. So in the spirit of sharing and distribution, here is that series. I hope you enjoy this collection.












The Grange Live Gaming – Bravo One

The Grange Live Gaming – Bravo One

We were invited to visit The Grange Live Gaming in Birmingham. Not an opportunity we were going to miss; so on Sunday Stuart, Luke and Rob set off with Lukes daughter to take a look.

What we found was worth the trip (South Wales to Birmingham UK – not Alabama).

In the centre of Birmingham (and I do mean the centre) we found a larp and gaming centre that was operational across a number of floors and also in construction for 2 more. The first thing we all latched onto was the potential of the place, which is enormous. The gaming areas are on 5 floors of what would have been factory / warehouse space. It lends itself to being dressed as sets and that is exactly what is going on. The floors under construction gave us the size of the place. Those outfitted for gaming – gave us the realisation. Using simple wooden walls the team at the Grange have built configurable game spaces. Simply put the walls can be moved or even decorated to specification. You want simple walls and a maze to run around in – no problem. You want to design something more specific, that is possible. It becomes a question of planning and resourcing.

Right now plans for some specific designs are afoot. Such as a run down indoor fun fair. In place already are hospital beds and some old bits of medical machinery that may have once been surgical drain units. Creepy and very Silent Hill.

One feature that caught my attention were the security cameras. Yes these are for safety monitoring, but they can be brought in game. Which means if your game requires players to monitor a security feed – they really can do it. If you want your ref team to monitor the game – that can happen to. There is also the possibility of taking security footage after the event for promotional and documentary purposes. For me – it’s the in game stuff that excites. Whether its for the refs or players (or both); I love the idea of video monitoring. For the players it’s more immersion and for the refs its monitoring and being able to react to events without standing over the players shoulders. That too makes it a more real experience for the players.

There was something else that the ref in me liked too. The ability to build walls means that rooms and corridors can be hidden. Not in a maze like fashion. More in a this part of the facility is for crew only fashion. Remove the openness of the great outdoors, build the walls yourself and now the ability to have crew move from hidden crew rooms and through secret passageways. This caught the attention of the horror larp writer in me.

In fact this whole place is great for modern day, SF and horror larp.

It’s also nerdy inclusive. Which means a range of pursuits such as larp, airsoft, archery, hema, tabletop games and so on are all supported here. Its possibly Birmingham nerd central.

Any downsides? Just the one and I do not think it is a deal breaker. The site is not polished in a mainstream kind of way. Its bohemian and industrial in a larper kind of way.

If you haven’t guessed it – I love the place. Dale and Stephen whom we met were incredibly friendly and helpful. The venue is just one big pile of larping potential.

The good thing is that you do not have to take my word for it. While we were there we took quite a few photographs and a couple of videos. These are up next.

The Photo Gallery

Hopefully we’ve captured the feel of the place.

Interview With Dale

This first video is an interview with Dale. If you’re running a larp it is likely that you will be liaising with Dale over how you use The Grange Live Gaming.

Luke in the Rage Room

During the last few episodes of the LARPBook show Luke experienced some issues with his computer. This had hilarious results (here are the shows on youtube. Look at episodes 51.

The good news for Luke is that The Grange Live Gaming has a rage room. He used it to take vengeance on an unsuspecting computer.

Want to get in touch with The Grange Live Gaming?



We all hope this site goes from strength to strength. We’ll be back there to report on or play in a game. I see trips to Birmingham in our future.

The World Went Dark – Event 2 PhotoGallery

The World Went Dark – Event 2 PhotoGallery

These photos cover the UK Post-Apocalyptic larp The World Went Dark – Out Of The Frying Pan. All of the images are by the talented Charlotte Moss – there will be links to her websites at the end.

Although I haven’t been to an event myself yet I am incredibly impressed by the enthusiasm and work that goes through the World Went Darks Facebook Group. It is full of discussion on both the props that make the world and the inspirations behind it. Read the group and you are left in no doubt about the thinking behind the game.

Here then are the photos.


All these images come from  This  Charlotte (Charlie) Moss’s larp photography site. It is well worth a visit and if you like an image you can buy. The section dedicated to the second World Went Dark site is here. You’ll find more images if you like what you see here.

Also consider supporting Charlie on Patreon.

South Wales Pirate Festival Gallery – 2016

South Wales Pirate Festival Gallery – 2016

We’ve been talking about Pirate Festivals quite a bit in the last year. This isn’t a review. It is more what we saw. We’ll probably do a longer piece later. Right now though this is what it looked like.

In case you are wondering why re-enactment is in Larpbook – here’s why. A pirate festival is a gathering of pirate reenactment fans, people who like to dress up as pirates and people who like to play roles. The day features a plot line. Mostly expressed as short re-enactment scenes. However there is scope between these for direct roleplay with the public. You almost see events like these as gateways to larp. Maybe even larp lite. As there are moments when the plot escapes the limitations of controlled re-enactment area and wanders free.

Here are the Pictures


Here is the Video

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