Earlier in December (2017), we reached out to the LARP community for pictures of their events in 2017. The responses we received let to the galleries you’ll see in this post. My aim was to simply take an international cross section of how larps looked. I’ve been watching production values from players and organisers alike soar in recent years and thought it might be useful to compare the look of a few games from the same year against each other.

The names credited are those used to send photographs to us, They are not necessarily the names of the photographers or the subjects themselves. Also I’ve deliberately shied away from asking well known larp photographers for images simply because I wanted this to be a poll of the community. Rather than the curated view you’d get if I talked directly to people who focus on larp photography. I’m hoping this means the cross section you’re seeing is more varied than just by my taste alone.

Kamil Bartczak

Ar Argos – Stairway to Heaven

Jenimon O’Brian

Cheyenne Rain

Own work and Dizobak Studio, College of Wizardry


Camryn Elizabeth Santos

Gisido Larp

Runa Glacies

Rob Davies

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