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Special Guest for this Show: Gideon Lawrence

We kicked off by going straight into an interview with Gideon of Wyvernstales Stories & Histories. Our first order of business was to congratulate him on a successful Kickstarter campaign. Before moving to talk about what Wyvernstales is (hint think storytelling, and bespoke larp), and the relationship this has to his ongoing club game Forest Argent. Gideon is doing an awful in and for the hobby  and this combined with his outreach beyond the confines of active larpers made this a chat we were looking forward to,

Abusive Behaviour in LARP

Recent events that have torn part the images of a great many public figures in light of allegations of misconduct was the inspiration hear. The thought was if this is reported at a larp event what should be done. However the discussion widened. We needed to figure out as well if feeling uncomfortable about something was also something was also a problem. This turned into a longer than planned discussion. It turns out that the LARPBook show team hold varying views on this. Gideon had some very salient points and also our chatroom made some vital contributions. Perhaps the biggest conclusion we drew was that above all people must feel physically and emotionally safe at a larp. I thank everyone for their contributions.

Predictions for 2018

Show hosts and guest put in their predictions for what will happen in 2018. The overall view – growth. Listen if you want to know more

Gisido Larp

A plug went in for Gisido Larp in Ohio, Here’s the quote

Is your LARP on a winter hiatus, or are you simply looking for a LARP in the Central Ohio area? Regardless of your reasoning, consider Gisido!

A fantasy LARP with Steampunk elements–Swords, sorcery, and clockwork!

If you’re into moderate-contact combat with a variety of weapons and combat styles–including live-fire archery, siege engines, unarmed combat, and flails–or if you’re into expansive plot and plenty of role-play opportunities, Gisido might be up your alley.

Events are held year-round at Boy Scout camps, and our private venue, and a full weekend’s player fee is only $30!

Interested in learning more? You can follow us here on Facebook, or on Twitter, or you can visit our website at

Call for Keynotes at Knutepunkt

Siri Sandquist is on this year’s knutepunkt program group and is hunting for key notes! Do you know someone who you would love to hear from on a particular topic? Please write their name and whether you think a speech from them would fit into the themes:
Hearts, personal experiences
Spades, larp theory
Clubs, larps logistics
Diamond, practical experiences
Joker, larp community / other

[email protected] and mention key note as a subject



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