I’ve been thinking about more LARP systems (more on this at a later date), but it lead me to the question of who should you be playing. What types of characters do you pick? Why do you pick them?  How do you pick the characters you play?

Its an important question? When we play a character we have to both have fun with it and also enable the players around us to have an entertaining game. Given that how do you pick a character? Do you pick out of desire to play a certain type of character or do you instinctively pick a certain type because your physiology or personality make it easier for you play it,

We are all our own people. That often drives us sometimes unconsciously down certain routes when playing characters. Over the years I seem to have picked up a bit of a reputation for dark villains. I’m not sure if that says anything about me – except that I do find the “wronger” characters more fun to play. I also tend not to be play characters who talk a lot. That does reflect on me – I like conversation but filling out scenes with words – that comes harder to me.

My personal goal is always – can I pull the character off – can I do it justice? I see playing the character as trying to create something, and that is what I is important to me – creating something that takes on a life of its own and becomes special.

That means I have to finish with a question – how do you pick the characters ? How do you go about choosing who to be?

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