I’ve been aware of Tom Garnett and his work for some time now. Though I never had the good fortune to actually meet him until this years LARP awards. I was trying to photograph a rather magnificent falcon and my trusty old DSLR jammed. Tom tried to help me out. Thanks Tom!

Tom and his camera are a well known sight at good many LARPs. In this gallery I’m trying to give you an idea of both his work and also just how good some UK Larps actually look these days. I’ve done by taking 20 photos from his portfolio. These encompass several different game genres. I’ll have to admit to focussing in on the parts of Toms work that look more than a little cinematic. That’s just a little personal bias stepping in.

I have to add that all these photos are by Tom Garnett.

If you’d like to learn more about his work please take a look at his portfolio at:

The LARPs these images come from are:

  • Empire Spring Equinox
  • Pioneers Larp – Sector 3
  • Dark Colony – Songs of Distant Earth
  • Fall of Vulsoria – Erusin
  • Serenity -Junk’et

And – with Toms permission – I’m hoping to cover more of his work in the future.

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