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The UK LARP Group on Facebook (2894 Members) has been bit by Drowgate- an angry controversy regarding blacking up to play Drow. This has led to the suspension of posting privileges to its members and the creation of a debate group called LARP Parley (more of a guideline really).


LARP Parley

Video Comment

The Global LARP

Can we know create a Global Federated LARP – A game that is played around the world at broadly speaking the same time or in consecutive days or weeks. Its the same time frame and the same immersive world but the game. This LARPers at geographically disparate locations and online all take place at the same time


The OldTown Festival – Poland

Post Apocalyptic LARP festival in Poland

July 20th – July 26th

Learn more at


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Our Characters first jobs.

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