A little while ago Brett of Swordcraft contacted LARPBook to talk to us about their combat based game and we really loved the idea.

Every Friday between 6.30pm and 11.00pm near Melbourne in Australia hundred of LARPers gather for battle games. These weekly battle games are just that – but it looks like there is more than melee going on here.

In addition to weekly games there are also planned larger scale events (sagas)- such as their upcoming Autumn Quest , monthly meets and costumed tavern nights.

This to me is sounding like a very vibrant community.

In order to give some context to the action Swordcraft have a Warband and Saga system. The game world contains a number of Warbands. These are given out of play orders, which are then worked out by the GMs. If these orders have consequences – such as conflict or plot then these are fed back into the Friday night games and sagas.

This means there is an active game world where politics, exploration and exploitation take place and a means of playing the outcomes of these.

This adding of depth means players can play the games at a combat level or work to become more involved in the greater game world.

Its all very clever.

Below are pictures from one of the Warbands- The Kingdom of Breton. This group are styled on 14th Century nights with inspiration from Warhammer.

My many thanks to Brett Marris for these pictures and introducing myself and the LARPBook team to Swordcraft.

If you’d like to know more about Swordcraft here are their website and Facebook addresses.



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