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In this episode we talk to Reno from StatusLarp. The result is probably more laughter from both hosts and guests than any of other previous shows. If you listen – you’ll understand the term Hamster Laught. We also welcome Luke back as a regular member of the show team.

Most of the show is an extended interview with Reno. We learn about his larps, and the evolution of his YouTube channel. We also talk about his hilarious Random Character Generator.  Thanks to Reno we also get one of best interactions from the chat room. Even if they are mostly all about reminding him to mention things, or causing plenty of embarrassment.

For that I’d like to thank Reno for being such a good sport.

Here is the link for his YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ6lcOMRTRTkWO4xllwceGg

And here is the link to his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/StatusLARP/?fref=ts

Stuart and Rob also briefly talk about their recent visit to the excellent What’s Your Game larp kit fair. LARPBook will shortly be releasing videos about that trip. There is also more information here.

Two events get a mention in this episode:

Knutepunkt 2017

The annual Larp design conference in Oslo, Norway
February 23-26, 2017

Norseman Saga Pt 12 – Havard

Run by Eyelarp

Story for Havard
Winter 886.
In only a few days of arriving at the abandoned camp of Eric the Red the Yawlung has begun to settle and good fortune fall upon them.

A ship of Rus has been re-united with the clan after being losts in the corssing. They have brought with them the promised oak planks traded for ransom.

Erik himself has come down from a mountain hideaway where supplies were being stored. They had gathered enough for the 400 in the 3 months of being here, but sickness and hostile forest folk slowly dwindled their numbers until only 30 remained. The night of the arrival of the Yawlung, his camp was finally overrun and only a handful now survives. The attack came after Gold jewelry on old bones thought abandoned was taken, it turned out to be burial mounds of the forest folk and a hostile attack on Eric’s camp wiped out the last of his strength. ..



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