Medieval Collectibles contacted us to see if we could mention what they did. I took a look and had to say yes. So here’s my introduction.

This is a U.S, based store that ships internationally. It caters to larpers but not just in supplying larp weapons, props and other gear. I found historically themed cookware, homewares, new age clothing and garden decoration in there. This is not the only larp shop with a wide range of goods. It is one that does a good job of presenting what they have to offer.

I also need to add to that by adding that its not a pure larp store. Its a Medieval Store. So you’ll also find things in here like steel swords.

It also seemed fitting to me that LARPBook started to show stores more love. We’re all going need them post pandemic.

About Medieval Collectibles

We asked Medieval Collectibles to describe themselves. This is a direct quote of what they do

Medieval Collectibles started providing high-quality Middle Age weaponry (swords, in particular) in 2003. Most of our clientele are based in the US but we do ship worldwide, especially for certain costume production needs. 

At first, we specialized in different types of swords used in the Middle Ages, then it slowly started to grow into a one-stop online shop for  Medieval-related items such as clothing, accessories, decor, and of course, weaponry of different sorts.

Throughout the years, we’ve gained footing in specific markets like fandoms of famous shows and movies. That’s why we’ve decided to expand our roster of collectible and high-quality items. 

Apart from our products, we’ve also decided to start publishing guides for those who want to make a guided purchase:

Buyer’s Guide to Chainmail

How to Tell if a Sword is Functional 

I also assume that you need a picture so here is a screen shot from the store.

Medieval Collectibles Store

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