The Storymasters tales won best online larp for 10 or more players at the 2021 UK Larp Awards. I’m going to explore the Storymasters tales as it turns out to be more than a larp.

The Website

Lets start by taking a look at the website

Looking here what we find are links for online quests but also other games and books. Additionally there is the interactive role-playing theatre. More than online larp is going on here.

Games and Books

There is plenty here to keep you occupied. The simple description here is that these are a variation on choose your own adventure. These don’t seem to lightweight either. The impression I’m getting is that is enough material and depth for plenty of repeat games.

If you go to the website you’ll find videos describing these. Here’s one of them

YouTube player


Once you say videos you have to check out YouTube and there is a YouTube Channel. It’s a collection of videos about the Storymasters tales in its various forms.

To explore this take a look at

Its quite the collection of videos

The Interactive Theatre

There is an actual physical experience in Rye.

The World of Legend, 55 The Mint, Rye TN31 7EN

This is where the Storymasters Tales started. Under normal circumstances it delivers a well reviewed experience. At the time I’m writing (March 2021) things are not normal. We are in the grip of the Covid-19 Pandemic. This means that everything has moved online. Which takes us to…

The Online LARP

The Storymasters Tales are running as an online larp. I should say award winning online larp. In 2021 it picked up the award for best online larp with 10 or more players.

These exist as one-offs, or ongoing events. Each does exactly what it says on the tin. One-off games complete per run.

Ongoing events are serialisations. There is also an option to run a group event. That is something that is for events that are private to an invited group. Or as the blurb says ideal to celebrate a birthday or other special event.

To get the best and most up to date information head over to the Facebook group at:

With Added Tom Baker

Featuring Tom Baker

The Storymasters is the only LARP that we know of to include a turn from an iconic actor.

In case none other than Tom Baker (still the best Doctor Who).

Using The Best Links

Definitely the website to get a full picture. For the online games I’d recommend the Facebook group. The YouTube channel is useful for checking out all the videos in one place.

Who Created all of this?

No, not Tom Baker.

The Storymasters Tales is the work of Olly Mc. Whose considerable talents include

  • Fantasy Photographer
  • Actor
  • Games Designer
  • Writer
  • Member of the Magic Circle

So its a LARP That could genuinely say its been created by a Wizard.

The YouTube Video Interview

Since the initial release of this article we have interviewed Olly Mc. Here is that interview

YouTube player
storymasters cthulhu parlour

The images used in the this article are all copyright The Storymasters Tales

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