I first encountered Tested.com through a YouTube suggestion. In fact for a very long time I only watched the videos. I’d just pick one that sounded interesting and let it play. Over time I’ve realised that is more to offer than as a generic geek culture / maker culture place. It does in fact have really good information on it for larpers.

Take a look at this one on painting a zombie mask. The dialogue that considers thoughts on character, and colour really work for me and help understand perhaps the thought process that could lead to better prop preparation.

In fact prop construction and design is a big part of Tested. Adam Savage is well known as a movie and costume geek and this blasts in through in projects that cover the recreation of classic movie props. Like this fave from Barbarella (ok showing age) .


I completely understand the need for larpers to absolutely not copy movies. However since a lot of us are inspired by film why not look into how a prop is made to inspire the making of something bespoke for a game?

So far I’m coming down on the side that Tested is indeed a valuable resource.

Of course it’s not all prop making you’ll find gadget reviews; ranging from drone (possibly useful) to coffee makers (not so much). So it is not all gold; and there are some geeky discussions that may be fun to watch but in general they do not really directly help us out.

Then we find things like. Creature Geek.  Essentially a podcast where special effects artists talking about their trade – which puts is firmly back on the track for larp friendly content.

This bounce back between relevant and not so much simply highlights that Tested is not made with Larp in mind. Its a site for people who want to make and explore things.  It’s for people who want to think about the world and film culture. For me I believe this will entertain a lot of larpers. It also suggests to me that this may inspire good ideas in people and also show off techniques that you may want to use. It’s unlikely to make you a better story teller; but it may help figure out how to get that cool thing you want for the next event working.

So yes – Tested is good for larpers.


The image used in this article is from YouTube. We hope Adam doesn’t mind.


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