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Rob is handed over to the High Septon
Gender Pronoun Patches
Dungeons & Dragons As Therapy
“Good News Everybody” LARP archery
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      1. Dystopia Rising’s Gender Pronoun Patches Promote Inclusiveness In Our Hobby
        Recently, Dystopia Rising has adopted the use of “Gender Pronoun Patches” as a way for players to further identify, and be identified, with their desired gender pronouns. These patches, bright yellow and about 3″ across, fit in with most DR costuming seamlessly.
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      2. Dungeons & Dragons As Therapy
        You read that right, Dungeons & Dragons isn’t just an awesome game, it can also be used in a therapeutic manner to help teens learn social skills. Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo, the Clinical Director of Take This, uses D&D to help teens who are struggling to adapt solid social skills learn those tough-to-teach aspects of socialization like appropriate communication, forming friendships, empathy, and other social nuances.
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      1. Trademark lawsuit over LARP archery gets thrown out of court
        A patent and trademark lawsuit over foam arrows used in live-action role playing, or LARPing, has been thrown out because the Indiana federal judge overseeing the case ruled that he lacked jurisdiction. For defendant Jordan Gwyther, who owns the community website and sells foam arrows as a side business, it’s a victory, although a narrow one.
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