We’ve had quite a bit of interest in Nerf for LARP article and right now a number of people are working on follow on pieces and sets of recommendations.

We’ve also had our first set of recommendations in are they are

These are all from Ram M Ramadan via Facebook.

Thank You Ram!

my best advice keep it Simple. maverick/ strongarm are best most reliable guns, Vulcan can jam other guns are slower

Painting idea taken from Internet
Modification : remove air restricted as YouTube. We don’t like spring modification more powerful can be more dangerous

Also buzz bee is a great range rather then Nerf see buzzbee long shot shot gun can be saw down looks great painted

I like the idea of adopting the air restricters on Nerf guns., Rams point is that increasing the poundage can make guns more dangerous and in addition I’ve heard it reported that it is possible for a more powerful spring can break a Nerf outright. In case you’re wondering about this talk of springs. Nerf guns basically use a spring to drive down a plunger and this causes the rush of air that fires the dart. The more air that does through the more powerful. More can be fixed by pushing with more force (a bigger spring) or by allowing more air in (remove the air restrictions).

I hope this helps. More as it comes in.

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