Jack Gibbin is one of the next generations of LARP designers. He’s been around larping pretty much all of his life. So it was only natural that he’d want to design and run one. The slight problem of a global pandemic meant running his LARP in the field would not be possible.

Undaunted Jack took his LARP onlineā€¦

In this interview Stuart, Rob and Luke talk to Jack about his LARP and how he runs it online. Sadly Katie could not be there in person. Keep an eye on the chat feed though, as she was in there posting good questions.

The Interview

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Clash of the Cosmos

If you’d like to know more take a look at the Facebook Group for Jacks LARP. However please be aware that at this stage membership has to be restricted. If for any reason you can’t become a member do not worry. We’ll be following Clash of the Cosmos on LARPBook.

Here’s the Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/345785989982265/

The Oneline LARP – What’s it Like to Play?

I played as crew in the second part of this larps first outing in Mid February 2021. One thing it does not feel like is a table top RPG masquerading as larp. It has the flow, and immediacy that I associate with LARP. Because of this it feels very natural to speak in character. There isn’t that disconnect that sometimes happens in table top where reporting dice rolls and rules sometimes interferes with the role-play. I’d have to call Clash of the Cosmos quite the achievement.

Time Sensitive Content

This interview was live streamed on 19th February 2021. It contains some information about the UK LARP Awards that only pertains to that night.

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