Our New Years Special is part of the plan to bring back more regular shows and live streams. Lets start by giving you a chance to watch it.

And if you enjoyed that have a look at our YouTube channel here. Its got a big back-catalogue with more to come.

Why a New Years Special?

2020 was a very bad year for a great many people. Where COVID-19 restrictions applied LARP was shut down. Here in the UK that meant no larp activities from mid-March 2020 onwards. We had no LARPs to report on; and ultimately stopped making videos for a good many months.

The 2021 special marks a return to video production. This is a come back show.

A Loose Content Plan

We kept the planning of our content loose for this show with 3 things that needed to happen

You’ll find all of this in the show

In addition you’ll find plenty of audience interaction. We like talking with the chat room. This time we had some great questions and interactions. I’m using the word interactions as there as quite a bit of of banter between parts of the chat room and the presenters. We know a lot of people in larp and that means we can all have a lot fun together.

The Competitions

The were 2 competitions and the prizes we had on offer were

We had 2 winners. For privacy I’ll just publish their first names

Our winner of the Curious Pastimes ticket was Leandro

And the Winner of the Flask was Ram

Thank you both for entering.

Shameless Plug

For 2021 one of our goals is to build a vibrant community of larpers helping larpers. You can find that on our Facebook Group. Some why not come over, join in and help bring back larp.

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