Larp Safe – What is it?

If there is one phrase that all larpers know its ‘LARP Safe’. One that we all learn pretty early on is vital. After all, it’s one of the mechanics we use to keep each other out of harm’s way. 

The idea is simple. Larp safe equipment is designed not to injure. Larp safe testing proves that the gear we use is actually safe.

Yet here’s the thing. There is no single agreed-on standard. Different larps have different ideas about what is acceptable. The same is true for weapons checkers. Also, the makers of LARP gear often have their own ideas about what being safe means and how it should be tested.

Why all the variations?

There are lots of answers to that question. It can come down to a difference of opinion. Then there is who will be playing, and just how well the group will self-police. Terrain matters. So does the style of play. Insurance plays its role too.

That’s just getting started. The list could go on.

When we expand to think about internationally then further variations are possible as additional cultural and legal differences come into effect.

Is this a problem?

It can mean people travelling from LARP to another can make the wrong assumptions regarding safety. In which case yes, it is a problem. 

The Opportunity

Instead of worrying about the differences, let’s share them an build a resource. Something that would help larpers know why the nature of LARP safe shifts from place to place and LARP to LARP.

The Opportunity is that we all learn more about LARP Safe.

The Plan

Finally, we get to the plan behind this article. I’d like to create a repository of thoughts around this topic. Teaching each other what we all think safe is, and why. 

The variations we find won’t necessarily mean someone is right and wrong. Instead, we learn about the drivers behind thinking about safety. If we’re lucky everyone learns something.

How does it work?

We’ll post everyone’s thoughts on LARP safe and share them through social media. The end result should be a useful resource for anyone wanting to explore the topic.

You Can.

  • Send us a link to an existing rule or article. Use our Contact Form if you like.
  • Submit your thoughts in written form via our contact email address: [email protected]
  • Give us a link to a website where you have written about this
  • If you’ve made a video about LARP safe then, please send us the link. If it’s on Facebook please make it public so we can share it.
  • Post a video to our Facebook group. We can pick it for further distribution from there
  • Post a video the Facebook location of your choice, and let us know about it. (please make it public to help us share it)

So let’s get to it and find out what LARP safe really means


We did, in fact, find out quite a bit about LARP Safe. Follow this link to read the larp safe tips that we picked up from the international larp community

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