The Witcher is not only popular; but it has a beautifully realised world.It was inevitable then that larpers would want to explore it . Earlier this year we chatted about Northern Kingdoms, and put together a photograph gallery access. For links see later in this article.

Stuart and Luke also visited a Northern Kingdoms event at Candleston Campsite in South Wales.

Whilst there they recorded a number of video spots. So let’s take a look at them.

The Witcher Larp Interviews

Fettered Forge

What’s it like to set up and run a forge for larp? That is exactly what Fettered Forge are up to. Stuart spends some time talking to Marcus and Dean.

Interview with a Witcher

What’s it like to play a Witcher? Well this is your chance to find out. Luke chats to a resident witcher played by Rob Driscol

Interview with Simon Deacon

Of course we had to interview the person who runs Northern Kingdoms. Luke chats to Simon

The Playlist

We have a playlist for Northern Kingdoms a Witcher Larp. Press the button to see everything

If you like The Witcher why not try the books.

Andrzej Sapkowski Witcher Series 8 Books Collection Set (The Last Wish,Sword of Destiny,Blood of Elves,Time of Contempt,Baptism of Fire,Tower of the Swallow,Lady of the Lake,Hardback-Season of Storms)

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