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Northern Kingdoms – A Witcher Larp



LARP Genre

Dark Fantasy set in the world of the Witcher

Who Creates The Characters?

The Player

On Average how tailored is the plot to characters

It Varies

What Makes Your Events Friendly to New Players?

Our simple rules and emphasis on roleplay help is ensure that we can maximise our referees attention on the players not for rules but to develop roleplay. This goes double for new players who may need more assistance getting into the spirit of the game, our crew are friendly and approachable. Any complaints are dealt with there and then to promote a fun and safe environment, well not safe from the monsters anyway.

How Frequently do you run events

We have just ran our first event last November and have two events planned this year in July and October. We plan to run two events per year.

What are the facilities like?

Our first event had hot running water, power and hot drinks for free. we also hire caterers at additional cost to both crew and players.
We aim to have the same types of facilities at sites where we run our events.

Tell us anything else you would like to about Your Game World, and How Your Events Work

Our players take on the role of mercenaries fighting a war which features in the Witcher 3 game, during events players will tackle the main plot and have the opportunity to take on additional contracts to gain more coin and also further advance their own personal plot(s). All plots and quests can have multiple outcomes which all depends on the players actions or inaction.

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Contacts Email Address

[email protected]


The Gallery

All images are via the larp photographer Kren Cooper

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