About LARPBook

LARPBook is all about finding out about what is happening in LARP.

it was borne out of a very simple idea. LARPs traditionally existed in bubbles. Players only knew about a small number of larps; and people in one country did not necessarily understand how larp was played in other countries.

LARPBook was build to break those bubbles by shining a light on all the variations of larp.

We don’t really support any particular style of play (although all the team have their personal favourites). Our aim is instead to work with the larping community to show off the diversity of larp around the world.

We do this via this website; a YouTube Channel and social media.

On This Page

 You’ll find various announcements and items of news that should give you a flavour of LARPBook. Don’t forget to explore. There is a lot in this website.


Sharathon: Results #1

Sharathon: Results #1

We've had our first results back in the Larp Sharathon and they are good. I'm trying to give credit to everyone both sharing and creating the content. It is after all time to do good for everyone. Tips Via The LARPBook FB Page Luke (from Tank Larp) on Runnning a Larp...

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