Help Others Learn Cool Thing

We wanr to help all stick in isolation learn a new skill. A skill that could help larping is once again possible.

So its time for Sharathon!

Here’s the idea you post links to resources that will help larpers. Help as in learn things, things that will allow time in lockdown or isolation to be productive. Things like

  • How to Create Characters
  • How to make weapons
  • How to do makeup
  • How to make costumem
  • How to camp
  • How to run a larp

Lets exchange knowlesdge on larp related skills!

Here’s How It Works

To contribute post a comment Either on this website Or on our Facebook Group.

We’ll make sure it gets shared on. Links will be published on the larpbook website, facebook page, Facebook group, twitter and also into a number of other Facebook groups

Feel free to also pass links on. What we want is knowledge shared.

Lets help everyone make the most of isolation!

Whilst I’d love to take credit for this; the idea comes from friend of LARPBook – Ram. Thank you Ram!

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