We’ve had our first results back in the Larp Sharathon and they are good. I’m trying to give credit to everyone both sharing and creating the content. It is after all time to do good for everyone.

Tips Via The LARPBook FB Page

Luke (from Tank Larp) on Runnning a Larp

Have too much plot. It’s better to have lots written and not use it all than to have too little. Use side plots/one-shot/throwaway plot to fill gaps or lulls. Think about other ways of introducing plot than just NPCs and DT writeups. Newspapers, IC documents/dossiers and other forms of real life media are good ways of putting plot in that feel less force

Luke (from Tank Larp) on Leather Maintenance

Remember to regularly wax your leather wear. Leather is never water proof, only highly water resistant. Standing water WILL absorb. Always feel the inside surface when looking to buy a scabbard or baldrick, rough surfaces will damage latex over time


These come via the Larp Haven Group on Facebook

Michael Sparks – Meeka The Elf – How to Videos on YouTube

Maxx Sterling – How to Make Hardtack Immersive Survial Food for larp Video

Callum Walker – Dust Monkey – Costuming and Costume Weathering Video Channel on YouTube

Added to The LARPBook FB Group

Magdelana Farrant – The Helpful Crafter – Craft skill sharing group on FB

Larp.Guide Help with starting free crafting classes


We’ll be posting online events as we hear about the, in the LARPBook, Facebook Group. So keep and eye out there.

How did this Start

Take a look at Sharathon. To learn what this project is all about. Remember we need your links

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