I hesitate to say Summer 2020 Larping season as well; we haven’t been able to LARP. This is the year where for the first time since its inception that LARP stopped.

I’m writing this in the evening of the UK end of August Bank Holiday. Normally at this point, I’d be cleaning up and recovering from a fantastic LARP. If you’re not in the UK I’ll explain. It’s the most important date in the UK larping calendar. Where our oldest and largest LARP systems run flagship events. Not to mention a host of other games are active. Regardless of whether or not you attend these, it is still a date that resonates to British Larpers.

That’s why I’m getting all reflective now. I will write from a UK perspective, as these are the conditions I know.

The big thing for me is that I’ve missed seeing all those people I would meet with at LARP events. There’s been loneliness to this year that is hard to describe. Coming with the people are the conversations. LARPers are a creative and fun breed who thrive on ideas. As much as I’ve missed the people I’ve missed those talks. Also the experience and feeling of actually being at a LARP. There is nothing quite like it

But this is not a time to feel sorry for our losses.

Its time to look to the future.

As lockdowns ease and we start to figure out how to live with Covid-19. We start to figure out how to LARP with Covid-19

2020 wasn’t just the year LARP stopped. There’s also been an outpouring of creativity. Online LARPs, all lit up. New LARPs are being developed… People have been writing, drawing, painting, making costumes and trying out new makeup. Its been a lost a year only in terms of going to events. But I think the response by the larping community means that we can look forward to good times ahead.

So I’d like to say thank you to all those souls who helped us all out by being innovative this year. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who started to plan and design new things. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who is figuring out how to play safe in a changing world.

As for myself. I’ll be there trying to figure out how to continue supporting LARP in this brave new world. Like Larp, LARPBook won’t stop. We’ll adapt.

But Don’t Forget People Still Need Your Help

We’ve lost peak LARP time; the spring/summer season of 2020. Its been nothing less than a disaster for those who need LARP for an income… So I say go and buy from a LARP Shop or Maker. Or perhaps book a ticket in advance for a future event. Let’s take a little time to help each other.

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