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How we review LARPS

At LARPBook how we cover a larp depends on the context in which we enter an event.

When we play; we take on the full player experience and that is the time that we can write a full unbiased review. We appreciate that larps effectively only run once. Any subsequent game even if a rerun will always be different thanks to the change in players. So we don’t focus on that. We look at how fun the overall premise and system is. How friendly the event team are.  Did we support in understanding what we needed to bring?  We look at the experience. We also look at the cost. You cannot expect a £70 per head larp to have the same level of location and prop as a £700 one.

That’s playing. At times we also crew, or referee. These times we can’t really give a biased review as we are part of the event. So the focus then becomes an overview. This gives us a chance to post photos and videos. It lets us talk about player response and feedback. It’s like a review. Only less critical. More of an accounting of.


Reviews of LARP Kit

This is our chance to let you know what we think of weapons, accessories and props that we have encountered. We’ll also cover support equipment like tents. It’s our view on how good something was to use.

We are always looking for equipment to review. So if you’d like us to review something of yours then get in touch.

GreensKon Camping Cookware Kit Review

GreensKon Camping Cookware Kit Review

Camping Cookware + Field + Stuart equals a review Well that was the plan and it paid off. Now that Stu has a camping stove he needed something to cook with! Of course we weren't just going to let him off with having pots and pans. He had to do a review with. In the...

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