What’s Your Game has become our annual pilgimage to historic Gloucester. Well the Gloucester Blackfriars – was founded in 1239 by Domincan Black Friars. Making it both historic and place that a pilgrimage could go to.

To us though its the site of What’s Your Game, one of the UK’s largest larp trading weekends.

As usual we came away with a goodly number of photographs and videos. You’ll find links to the YouTube playlist and a gallery towards the end of this piece. More importantly we had information on larps and makers, and laid the foundations for a number of things to come in 2020.

For most people its a chance to try out and buy kit and also learn about new larps.

What is What’s Your Game Like?

As usual Whats Your Game spread itself throughout Blackfriars Priory. This means exploring various buildings and floors. Making a visit reminiscent of larping through a dungeon. Ancient walls, low hung oak beams and weapons everywhere. Its got an unique feel. One that makes it feel safe, and also like a bit of adventure all at the same time.

Finding a trader or a friend is a bit of a fun act of discovery.

You’ll also find the great and good of larping either trading or wandering around.

To give you an idea, random encounters for us included (but not limited to)

Do We Have News?

Yes we do. First of all I must direct you to the interviews. All our trader and maker interviews contain news about products and plans. So go and have a watch.

And here are a few highlights

  • Wye Vallery Meadery are growing their premises. There will be a mead (hall), bar
  • Gnosis Studios new range of larp safe and throwable heads are something we loved and are going to take a closer look at
  • Taylored Weapons are making nice blades with bone handles
  • Goblin Workshops have great in character cutlery holders
  • Craeftigan have glow in the dark embroidery,


One of our objectives for 2020 is to increase our reviewing of larp equipment and props. We gained some review items at What’s Your Game and also it looks like we have a few more coming to us.

So that’s a thank you for your support from various traders at this event.


We confirmed several event invitations here. That’s more events for us to cover for you. This is great news as the more larps we have to show the better. At the moment 2020 is looking a little like this

  • Eldritch Days
  • Curious Pastimes
  • Tank Larp
  • Green Cloaks
  • SteamWeave
  • Camelot Larp Conference

Plus a few specials – Like a visit to Wye Valley Meadery.

New Presenter Issy

New presenter Issy did her first interviews at What’s Your Game. She also got into running some of video AV kit. Allowing Stuart to do more direction. Our hope is that Issy will bring in both a new presentation style and a strong youth voice.



You’ll find all our videos recorded at What’s Your Game 2020 in this play list. We hope you enjoy.

The What’s Your Game 2020 Video PlayList

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