Profiles are descriptions of a particular club / LARPing group and the games played there. The idea is to give you an idea of what it might be like to join one of these groups and to take part in one of their events.

If you’d like to create a profile for your LARP Group or Game of choice please complete the form at our Profile A LARP page.

In the meantime here are the profiles


Outbound Hope

Learn more about Outbound Hope. A blockbuster SF larp that uses an actual warship as its main setting read more

The Amtgard Larp Rules

Amtgard Larp Amtgard is a major fantasy boffer larp in the United States. It uses the common American convention of "chapters". Chapters are clubs that agree to all play by the same rules. This allows  Amtgard to federate itself over a large area. The result is that...

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The Lost Star Chronicles

Group Name: The Lost Star Chronicles Country: UK Website: Facebook Group: Describe Your Game Genre: Action adventure fantasy Who Creates Characters: The...

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Aurum LARP

We are currently a small (20-30 players) game with a small rulebook (<100 pages) that is easy to pick up. Because we are new, everyone is around the same level amd working together to survive and 'win' the weekend. We have a great range of players from...

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Criminal Contact

Profile for Criminal Contact. A group that has been running for 7 years and plays an airsoft set in its own fictional town read more

Twilight Realms

Group Name: Twilight Realms Facebook Group: Describe Your Game Genre: High Fantasy, but we also sometimes run low fantasy or horror events. Who Creates Characters: A Combination of Both How Much Plot is Tailored to...

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