We were sent this by Dennis Schwarz. It’s not the rules for a particular larp. What we have instead is the redistributable PDF for DKWDDk. Which is short for the German phrase ‘Du Kannst, Was Du Darstellen Kannst’. Translating to English it comes out as ‘You Can Do, What You Can Represent’ Dennis has provided us with some solid background :-

DKWDDK (Not a single LARP, but an “open” rule set)

DKWDDK is the set of rules used in the majority of German LARPs today. It is highly minimalistic, point- and mechanic-less, and strongly emphasizes player agency and self responsibility over organizer control or rulings. There are hundreds of events each year in Germany alone, while this set of rules – sometimes modified – is also used in Switzerland, Austria, and on occasion in a few other countries. The largest LARP currently using these rules is the “Epic Empires” LARP in Germany, which draws around 1500-2000 players each year. This ruleset is free to use and adapt by anyone.”  

Download the DKWDDK Rules

The rules can be downloaded and are free to use. If you do redistribute this PDF please keep the links /sources section intact.


Twin Mask – Fantasy LARP Rules with Character

It’s setting is Adelrune, a fantasy world in decline. Dragons are extinct and puritanical humans hunt down anything magical or non-human.

Its rulebook is available as a downloadable PDF.

About The RuleBook

Taking a look it is interesting. It goes straight into defining a character based on race, culture of origin and religion. Straight up no rules.  Instead, we are looking at the source material you need to create a character that is part of a society in the game.

I like putting roleplay aspects up front like this.

After that, it is the rules. Character creation is points first. 

We start with the possibility to fairly fine-tune background details. Such a being a noble or having a poor memory.  It’s an opportunity to balance not abilities but what kind of person your character is.

Personal skills get the same treatment. The rule book has an extensive list that players can purchase. Each race also gets a set of specific ‘Default’ skills.

I’ve always liked the idea of having something based on who you are where you come from. We all gain things from the place we live in.

This vein continues into extensive lists of abilities for different types of character.

It’s clear some thought has gone into these. As has those for the magic system.

Then we get to information about your character’s history and there is a twist here.

All characters are living after a sort of second chance. They have all died.  They have all returned from the dead. These deaths, must also be ’emotionally climatic’. No slipping off whilst sleeping then.

Something about this suggests to me that we are looking at a game with a heavy emphasis on roleplay.

After this, the book describes standardised calls and effect durations. The aim is simplicity. There’s a lot in the rulebook and this cuts down on having to remember a lot of details.

That’s another trademark of a roleplay first system.

Finally, we get to game policies and information about being in and out of character. Good that these are all in the rule book.

Twin Mask Rules – First Impression

I’ve never seen this game played. I am on the wrong continent. Yet I get the feeling that the writing isn’t just making rules. They are building a framework that people can run characters through.

That’s different to a lot of fantasy rules I see. Many feel like an attempt to recreate Dungeons and Dragons. Sure there are fantasy tropes here. The feeling though is that this is more about creating a place to build characters and tell stories.

My first thought on the page count was – this is too long. Know though I see why and it makes sense.

I rarely say that about long rulebooks.

How to Learn More About Twin Masks

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LARP Rules for The Quota

We’re stepping away from Fantasy larp with this one. The Quota is set in a version of the UK that is a couple of years ahead of its original run. It’s a grown up game that focuses on the plight of refugees.   It’s rules reflect this. They are very tough on the player. By that I mean that combat is dangerous to the character. More so the physical possession and well being of the character are all at risk. Your characters possessions are stealable. Confiscation can happen. In the rules there are no complex methods for combat. The rules here are simple and clear. The accent is on role-play.   What you will find in the rules document is an outline of the games premise and a lot of detailed help. There are guides for every aspect of the game. It is a very practical guide to being the larp. The emphasis is understanding your terrible situation. There are also a small number of meta techniques. These allow the players to edit play as scenes progress. Reading them I can see that these should work in non destructive way. Maintaining immersion whilst sustaining player needs.   One last thing. The creators of this larp do not call this a rule book. It is a design document. That is very appropriate. It lays out the design behind how the larp will play.  

The Links

A Video

There is a video about The Quota. I’ll leave it here for you.


Thanks To

Simon Brind for getting this over to me  

LARP Rules for Castle Forged

These rules come as a series of web pages. Starting with a basic set that every player needs to know. Then expanding out into more specific abilities depending on character ability.

I see the sense in this. New players only need to know what they need. Yet there is a depth for those that want it or who need it as their game develops.

Using web pages for this helps with this kind of compartmentalisation.


What is Castle Forged?

It’s medieval fantasy larp based in Israel. It looks like its built as what someone in the UK would call a fest style larp. Hundreds of players. Four main player groups and a separate town group. I’m assuming the town is a central focal point.

The game gets described as open sandbox, PVP. So I am assuming that the players actions have an impact on the world and each other.


The Rules

The website has a mechanics section that contains the in game rules. At the time of writing there were some rule sections that needed filling in. I’m looking forward to see how this fill out.

These rules are in English, but be aware that the games language during play is Hebrew.

It also looks as if there is a Hebrew version of the website if preferred.

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The Forest Argent Larp Rules

What is Forest Argent?

I’d call it a very non-traditional fantasy larp. There are medieval elements, but also other things. The Forest connects worlds and times. It’s possible to encounter knights or strange elves. Also, steampunk strangeness and a world of manufactured beings.

It’s a wonderful mishmash of magic and mad science.

I’ve mentioned the Forest and its the great connector. A place that exists in and between the other realms the game draws on.

Forest Argent events run in the West of England in the main. Although for the right site they do travel further.  The play is split between monthly day events and around 4-weekend games.

The Rules

The link takes you to a download page where you will also see a basic introduction to the game.

Visit the Forest Argent Rules

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LARPBook is collecting larp rules and we’d love to write a post about yours. Let us know where we can find them! If you are interested in sharing larp rules this is where you learn more

LARP Rules, Sources and Scenarios

LARP Rules, Sources and Scenarios

Our hope when looking for larp rulebooks to share was that we’d find a diverse range of things to show you.

What we did not expect was to uncover treasure troves

This is exactly what has happened.

Larpages – 

Is a UK directory of all things larped. I’ved used them doing research before. Yet had never thought to look for rules.

It turns out that they have a list of rules that dates back over 20 years and it is an absolute find. Here is the link that you need

Please also remember that they are also looking for rules and other information. If you have anything to add to this list please send it to them.

Alexandria – 

Is a Danish site that also collates information about all things larp. This one was completely new to me and again it is quite the resource.

The link I sent to us takes you to downloadable self contained scenarios. Though not rules systems they are a fascinating take on larp design. One that differs from the more standard UK model.

The link is

Next Steps

We’re still collating information. Please feel free to send us in information about rulebooks, systems and so on. We have a number lined up for future release; but always want more.

Want to know more about this project? This post is where it all started


The image used on this post is the Whydah Gold. Full information from Wiki Media


The Amtgard Larp Rules

Amtgard Larp

Amtgard is a major fantasy boffer larp in the United States. It uses the common American convention of “chapters”. Chapters are clubs that agree to all play by the same rules. This allows  Amtgard to federate itself over a large area. The result is that you’ll find this system all over the USA and also in other continents. For example continental Europe.

The Larp Rule Books

As an organisation, it has developed considerable support for its members. This includes the rulebooks referenced via this post. In fact, it has its own library of books.

The link here not only gives access to the main rulebook. but also supporting monster rules. Additionally, there is support for chapters as well.

The Amtgard documents are here

However, if you need more information; it exists. There is a Wiki. And a rules discussion/clarification group on Facebook.

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Larp Points Based Character Generation and Age

Larp Points Based Character Generation and Age

I’ve been thinking about the increasing diversity of larpers. Not so much in terms of race of religion. Rather I’m thinking about age. Now larpers are nice and inclusive. The hobby always has been and its something it should be proud of.

However we now have people who have been in larp in excess of 30 years. Also we are gaining new players of all ages young to old.

That worries me when it comes to points based character generation. In my experience (and please write in if you have different examples), points based characters all start with the same number of points. From these character skills are purchased. Its these skills that determines what the character can and cannot do.

This is great when we have a fairly non-diverse group of players. When apparent age, ability etc of the player are in a fairly narrow band. If that then gets wider is it fair? Should an 18 year old have the same abilities as someone in their mid twenties, thirties, or forties. What then happens when the negative aspects of age kick in as players enter their fifties, sixties or seventies.

Now before I go on lets put some clarifications in here

  • I completely agree with people role-playing to an age they set. So long as that doesn’t break someone else’s immersion or fun.
  • I agree with points as a valid mechanism for character generation – I play at games where it works very successfully
  • I also agree with the idea that any character needs to be interpreted and played by the player. It’s this performance that perhaps matters most

Still I would like to see something to help people get into character. Especially if you are new to larp.

So what can we do to help a new player faced with list of skills make them feel as if the skills suits their characters or their age.

Here are a 5 ideas

An Age Handicap

Put simply modify the number of points everyone gets by age. Build into this the effects of age so that actual life experience can be taken into account.

Base Skill Resolution on Role Play

You might be old enough to play an expert at something but doesn’t mean to say you are. Where possible make one of the metics that determines character skill success role-palying. Is the role-player drawing on themselves enough to be convincing as someone who is or isn’t great at something.

Set the Skill and let ability shine through

I think this works well with combat skills. You cannot say you are an expert swordsman in a larp without actually having some skill. So let the rules state you have a skill, then it is your ability that determines the outcomes.

Make it part of the character story

The characters skills are the skills purchased. But if you claim an expertise or lack of build up how you got to where you are in your character story and let bits of this out. So even if you are a 40 year novice – explain it. Perhaps your life has just taken a change? You’ve been put on a different path doing different things

Age has robbed you of skills

Superficially this is similar to the last point but instead of any story element we have a central theme that is really worth exploring. The debilitating effects of age. People do not universally get better with age. There are things we get much worse at. What these are depends on the person but I’d call on the two most known – loss or physical ability or impairment of mental faculties as worth taking a look at. Sure its fun playing the unstoppable know all hero. But a person damaged by their age so that they have experience but little working skill. That’s interesting and also something that as a society we all need to learn more about.

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