These rules come as a series of web pages. Starting with a basic set that every player needs to know. Then expanding out into more specific abilities depending on character ability.

I see the sense in this. New players only need to know what they need. Yet there is a depth for those that want it or who need it as their game develops.

Using web pages for this helps with this kind of compartmentalisation.


What is Castle Forged?

It’s medieval fantasy larp based in Israel. It looks like its built as what someone in the UK would call a fest style larp. Hundreds of players. Four main player groups and a separate town group. I’m assuming the town is a central focal point.

The game gets described as open sandbox, PVP. So I am assuming that the players actions have an impact on the world and each other.


The Rules

The website has a mechanics section that contains the in game rules. At the time of writing there were some rule sections that needed filling in. I’m looking forward to see how this fill out.

These rules are in English, but be aware that the games language during play is Hebrew.

It also looks as if there is a Hebrew version of the website if preferred.

Collecting Larp Rules

LARPBook is collecting larp rules and we’d love to write a post about yours. Let us know where we can find them!

If you are interested in sharing larp rules this is where you learn more

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